My ALL TIME Most-Read

There’s some science behind it.

But I don’t completely understand it all. Some of the things I write become more read and shared than others.

With so much content available on the internet, I’m thankful that anything I write gets read by anyone.

Specifically, I’d like to thank YOU. Yeah, you. You’re reading this piece, and I’m thankful for you. For your time and generosity in reading words that I type, I’d like to offer specific prayer for you. So be sure to reach out and let me know how I can pray for you.

Since we’ve hit the year 2021, I’m about to share 21 links in a numbered fashion. I presume you won’t be able to click and read them all in this setting. But I also presume that if you’re a long-time regular reader here, then you’ve read most of them. Maybe something you haven’t read will arouse your interest, and you can come back for more.

If you’re somewhat new to me and “a different perspective,” I trust you’ll enjoy your reading time.

Without further ado, here are my 21 most-read pieces of all time. The list is calculated on the number of views, which represent presumed reading. But this list isn’t just about one particular year. This list is representative of everything published at this site since I began it in October 2015.

1. 3 Signs of the Spirit’s Supernatural Arrival

2. 7 New Testament Verses on Holiness that Every Christian Should Ingest

3. 7 Small Church Pointers Towards Better Services

4. 4 Horrible Lies The Devil Is Pushing

5. 5 Must-Haves for the Small Church

6. 7 Essential Guidelines for Pastors Entering a New Pastorate

7. 5 Powerful Words about Hospitality

8. 5 Reasons Why Men Should Attend Church on Father’s Day

9. 7 Reasons to Establish Yourself in the Bible

10. How Not to Leave Your Pastorate

11. The Foolishness of Easter Sunday

12. The Habits of Holiness People

13. 3 Habits for Altering the Altar Service

14. 10-25 Reasons You Should Attend Church

15. “L” Is for Lisa (aka Super Mom)

16. 6 Practical Pointers for Preachers

17. The Right Way to Leave Your Church

18. 12 Little Lessons on Humility & Holiness for Ministry Leaders

19. 9 Winsome Ways You Can Help Your Church Grow

20. 3 Best Practices Every Church Volunteer Should Remember

21. 5 Marks of Culture in Growing Churches

Again, whether you’re new to this site or you’ve been with me since my first few posts, I’m thankful for you. I appreciate you taking the time to read the words that have filtered through my personality and onto your screen.

God bless you. You’re the greatest!

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