9 Winsome Ways You Can Help Your Church Grow

Every single individual in the Kingdom of God has a place of ministry.

Are you doing your part? I’m asking you. You’re the only one reading this right now. What are you doing to help your local church grow?

There are some days on the Christian Church calendar that we are accustomed to having more people than usual in attendance for corporate worship. But on most Sundays, unchurched and out of church people don’t just show up. They need a personal invitation with some encouragement.

Perhaps your local church is in a season of growth. If that’s the case, you need to work with the momentum. Keep it going and growing. Don’t take this season for granted.

One of the best ways I know to win some to Christ is to be winsome in attitude and action. Let me introduce you to 9 winsome ways that you can help your church.

  1. Pretend for a few minutes that you’re not a regular at your church. Pretend that you’ve been invited and this Sunday will be your first time on the church campus. Can you imagine how foreign you would feel as a first-time guest? How would you want to be treated?
  2. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest, and believe God for each person present in your service to come to faith in Christ after hearing the good news message of Jesus Christ. Pray for each person there to make a real commitment to follow Christ, evidenced by spiritual fruit.
  3. Plan to be there. Excuses are easily found, but you don’t need them. You have family and friends that need you to stick to every Sunday attendance. Also, plan to arrive a few minutes early and connect with people that you don’t know. People need more than a handshake and a bulletin. They need to know someone truly cares for them.
  4. Park your vehicle as far away as possible. Leave the good spots open for guests, senior adults, those with special needs and first-time guests. True servants of God don’t insist on having one of the best spots in the lot.
  5. Provide a friendly smile to everyone you see. Whether you know them or not, and whether they have one or not, give them your smile. Every person you encounter has room for one more kind soul in their life. And, by all means, if the person appears to need direction, kindly offer to escort them where they need to go.
  6. Pick a seat as near to the front of your worship center as possible. First-time guests are usually more comfortable in the seats closest to the lobby. Leave those good seats for newcomers or guests arriving late.
  7. Participate wholeheartedly in the worship service. Prove to everyone present that Jesus is your Lord by giving Him the worship He deserves. Don’t keep them guessing. Stand up and worship Him!
  8. Pause toward the end of the service. Please don’t leave during the invitation or prayer time. If you leave early, you could disturb an individual that the Spirit of God is dealing with who has big needs.
  9. Persist in these unselfish acts of love. Pursue excellence every Sunday of the year. Slowly but surely, create a guest-first culture within your congregation. Persist in inviting unchurched and out of church people.

Genuine Christian hospitality prepares the way for people to come to faith in Christ and have the best possible worship experience.

This list of winsome ways to help your church grow is really a simple call to forsake selfishness. Be more like Jesus by considering the needs of others as more important than your own.

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