“L” Is for Lisa (aka Super Mom)

Throughout time, much has been said about the virtues of a good woman. However, they all sound like pious platitudes until the blessings are made personal.

Since we are headed towards a May vacation before this month is history, Lisa and I have decided to be conservative gift-givers for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. However, there are many other ways to show appreciation without going overboard with dollars. Therefore, with some help from my adult children, we’ll tell you about the legendary lady of our family. I describe her as legendary, not in the fictitious fabled sense, but as a way to describe someone whose character deserves to be celebrated and is greatly important in their own circle of influence.

Whenever I think about the godly woman who is the mother of our children, I recognize that they are blessed offspring to have her. Proverbs 31:28 says, Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her.” With the help of more “L” words, we honor the one they call “Super Mom.”

She is LOYAL. Lisa is as loyal as the day is long when it comes to her family. Simply put, I know I can count on her. Her children have also learned that they can depend on her, whatever the situation.

Alex & Lisa – August 2015

Alex says, Though Lisa is my mother-in-law, she treats me like one of her own blood. I knew straight from the get-go of marrying her son, Will, that he is a Momma’s Boy without a shadow of a doubt, and after getting to know her, I don’t blame him for it. Lisa is a laundry list of gold-coated adjectives, but loyal really hit the nail on the head. Being a newlywed and away from my own Mom, I’ve had my share of struggles adapting to adulthood away from the four walls of where I grew up. Through those times and still today, Lisa has been loyal to listening to me, loyal to going out of her way to help Will and me, and loyal (most importantly) to God. The man may be the head of the household in most situations, but Lisa is the rock who holds it all together. This makes me think of my own Mom, and it hits me… everything I’ve written here, I would also say about my own Mother. I don’t know many people who could say the same about their mother-in-law.

She LISTENS. Though my lovely lady likes to talk, she is also a good listener. With empathy, she listens and is concerned about others’ problems. Our children know that they can talk to her in confidence. This support is, in turn, comforting to their souls.

Brittany & Lisa – April 2017

Brittany says, “Throughout my life, my mother has been an unwavering constant – full of truth, laughter, wisdom, generosity, joy, and love. My mother is truly a virtuous woman. She takes care of others before herself. In good and bad times, she stands firm on the Word and knows that God is faithful. Her faith blesses her family and all that come in contact with her. I can go to Momma with anything, and she listens to me. She not only offers advice but also prays for me.

She LIFTS. Lisa lifts her family with encouraging words and lifts them up in prayer. Rarely does a discouraging word spill over her lips. She’d rather pray for you than speak a disheartening word into your life.

Will & Lisa – March 2015

Will says, “As a child, it wasn’t always as apparent to me, but as an adult, it is so very apparent that my Mom is continuously lifting us up in prayer. Things were just taken care of as a child, and I didn’t really think about it. As an adult, going through everyday life and making important life decisions, whether that be career decisions, buying a house, or anything in between, it has become lucid, if you will, to my wife and me that we have been blessed with loving and caring family members who are constantly lifting us up in prayer. Mom is no exception to that. Her unwavering support and prayer are invaluable and will always be appreciated. I will always count it as an honor and a privilege to have her loving support.

She LAUGHS. Lisa is fun to be around. She laughs with her children. She wants them to be happy and joyful. Whether it be for work or play, they enjoy being with her.

Brittany & Lisa – January 2016

Brittany says,My mom is one of the funniest people I know. She finds humor in every situation. I inherited this bit of silliness. I can remember way too many times when we would both crack up during situations when we probably shouldn’t have.

She LOVES. We will end this “L” list with the word that best describes her relationship with her family. Lisa’s love apparently knows no limits. Her children know they are loved and respond with their own love.

Brittany says, “I pray that I am at least half the mother you are when I enter motherhood. I pray I have the same joy and patience as you. I pray that I lead my children to the Father just as you’ve done with Will, Caleb, and me. Here’s to you, my Super Mom!


Do you know a good woman? Is she your mother? Is she your wife? Rise up and bless her and show her the appreciation she deserves. “We are to deeply honor and profoundly value our mothers—and, in turn, God promises blessings poured out on our lives” (Dr. Tim Clinton).

I’ll end with this exclamation. “L” is for Lisa, and I am in love.

PS Have you seen how beautiful her eyes are!? They weaken my knees every day.

10 thoughts on ““L” Is for Lisa (aka Super Mom)

  1. Lisa is a very beautiful woman of God, A beautiful wife, and A beautiful Mother and you all make one beautiful family may The Lord continue to bless each one of you…..Happy Mother’s Day Lisa

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  2. What a blessing to have such a powerful, sensitive, and Godly women in your life and in the lives of your children. She sounds like a stunning example of what women everywhere should strive to emulate. This is a beautiful gift of well-crafted words. Prayers to your family this Mother’s Day.

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