The Habits of Holiness People

The life of Jesus Christ sets forth a stellar example for all humanity.

His holiness is above reproach. The Bible declares in Romans 1:4, “According to the Spirit of holiness,” Jesus was declared to be the Son of God with power “by the resurrection from the dead.”

Perhaps you are among the masses who were drawn and convinced by the Holy Spirit to repent. You asked for and received forgiveness, and the shed blood of Christ has wholly washed your sins away. More than wonderful, this is amazing grace!

However, rest assured that your first calling is to be with Jesus in the fellowship of His holiness. How on Earth can you be holy as He is holy? By the same power that raised Jesus from the dead.

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We need no excuse for holiness, and we need never apologize for this fundamental of Scripture. Walking in holiness is simply the habit of God’s children.

Let’s take a quick review of three of the holiness habits of Jesus Christ. As we walk in His steps, we can accept these as the habits of holiness people.

  • Jesus’ first act of ministry was to band together with twelve other people. In time, He cultivated an even smaller group.

Learning of Christ, loving like Him, and living out His righteousness cannot be accomplished through isolation, only through godly relationships. You need a small group of people that have these same goals. True holiness is not practiced by isolationism but rather in a community of prayer partners and friends that reflect Christ.

  • Jesus proved His love by His other-mindedness. He spent His earthly life more concerned about the needs of others than His own.

Those who are genuinely in Christ follow the same compassionate suit. Denying selfishness, they sincerely care for others and think of other’s needs as more important than their own. True holiness is not obsessed with self-degradation or self-promotion but lovingly helps others get what they need in life.

  • Jesus lived a life of integrity. There was never any deceit or guile found in Him. As the Son of God, His earthly life was the embodiment of truth.

Those who are in fellowship with Christ also have a strong sense of integrity. They will not practice lies or live in deceit. Instead, they do their best to live by the truth standard of our Holy Savior, Holy Scripture, and Holy Spirit. True holiness is not about doing or saying what is convenient to make yourself look good but about living by the standard of God’s truth.


Would you like to be holy as Jesus is holy? He is more than an example to be followed. He must first become your Savior and Lord. Click here and let me explain more about what it means to be a Christian.

When you truly get right with God, the righteousness of Jesus Christ is placed on your account. Then, with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can be sanctified and live a life of holiness. Saved and sanctified by grace, this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Belonging to a community that reflects Christ, maintaining other-mindedness, and living a life that embodies integrity are only three of the habits of holiness people. What other habits of holiness people would you add to this list?

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