Your Pastor’s Wife

There are many things you might not know about your pastor’s wife.

Sorry. I can’t tell you much about your pastor’s spouse if you’re not a part of our congregation. Your pastor’s spouse is a uniquely gifted individual and needs to be respected and appreciated.

But if you are a part of our congregation, I can give you some greater insight into Lisa. And that’s what I intend to do in this short space.

Lisa is the biggest supporter of my ministry alive.

She supports me through prayer, protection, and provision. What does that look like? Well, you might say that I am her ministry.

The first one is quite simple. Lisa prays for me daily, deeply, and with discernment. She quietly and persistently turns to God on my behalf numerous times each week. No other human being can pray for me like her.

Lisa also protects me. Over the years, she’s become accustomed to my introverted soul. Time alone and quiet spaces are where I thrive and reenergize. Therefore, she protects me with simple things like closing my office door or carrying on a public conversation when needed. This also includes occasional protection from those whose personality unintentionally drains mine. She also knows how to protect confidential information. And sometimes, she will step up to the plate to handle tasks that really shouldn’t be her responsibility. But she does these acts of service because she loves God and her husband.

How does she provide for me? Lisa provides for me in ways that I cannot fully describe here. She provides me with forgiveness, grace, and faith to believe that tomorrow will be a better day. I never have many of the concerns I regularly see in other marriages. Our marriage is a safe space where I can fail.

What else can I tell you about this pastor’s wife?

Many people might not know that Lisa has been a regular reader of Scripture for a very long time. I’ve lost count of how often she’s read the Bible through. This is the key to her sanctified life that I appreciate.

As well, her deep love for people is impressive. I’ve seen this in many ways through the years. When I was bivocational and time for visitation was scarce, she made pastoral care visits on my behalf. She still enjoys that, and I enjoy having her by my side when in the mission field of our parish.

If someone is sick and homebound, her love is demonstrated by her first thought to do something for them. I can’t tell you how often she’s prepared meals or special sweet treats and left them at a congregant’s home.

Lisa’s gifts are different from mine, and I thank God. She has a strong gift of empathy and easily discerns more than I do. Because of this, I’ve learned to consult her spiritual intuition before making most big ministry decisions. Her discernment has kept me from making mistakes that would have been regretted.

Lisa won’t be attempting to take over any ministry team. She’s not the takeover kind of leader. She’ll quietly pray for you from day to day and suggest how to proceed. As a part of her congregation, you can rest in her nonconfrontational peace-loving approach to life.

Among her many strengths, Lisa is quick to be merciful. Following her lead tends to help me soften my tone and act with more compassion. I find myself secretly thinking through some situations; what would Lisa say to me about this.

One last thing that you should know is that she lives a sacrificial life. She’s not high maintenance, and we know how to make do with less than the so-called American dream. Her willingness to work outside the home has often supported my habit of preaching.

Lisa is so much more than just pastor William’s wife. She is a servant of God with unique gifts that enable her to serve Him. Like myself, she has grown over the years and decades. We’re not the same people we were when God first called us. More than ever, we work together to fulfill the call of God upon our lives. As servants of the Lord, we know we’re called to work with you to build His Kingdom.

7 thoughts on “Your Pastor’s Wife

  1. Well said! She is a very special lady, and when I need a word she is the first one I call! Love her and appreciate all she does for the Kingdom of God! Love you too! Thank you for reminding us just how special she is.

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