Desserts from Lisa’s Kitchen

After the last edition from Lisa’s Kitchen, I knew a follow-up was soon to come.

In “The TOP 5 Requested Dishes from Lisa’s Kitchen,” I shared a complete list of 15 different dishes, with a possibility for even more variations. There were 5 main dishes, 5 sides, and 5 desserts listed out that were sure to give you an appetite.

By the following day, it was clear to my family that much had been left out. So today, rather than give you a ranking of dishes or a variety, I’m sticking with desserts. To be transparent, my favorite dessert dish is whatever she’s cooking, and I start smelling. Then, I might be fixated and request it again and again for the next few months.

So here’s a quick list of 7 dessert dishes from Lisa’s Kitchen. They have a limited shelf life because we don’t let them sit for very long. After all, it would be an insult to the chef to act like her creation was made to be mere decoration.

  1. Carrot Cake — Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of carrots. You don’t have to be to enjoy a good homemade carrot cake. Lisa just made her first one early this year. I was so impressed that I couldn’t stop talking about it, in between my undisclosed amount of servings.
  2. Crock Pot Crack Candy — Sounds somewhat sinful, huh?! I assure you that it can be that addictive. This choclatey goodness reminds me of the candy bar, Mr. Goodbar. These goodies make great gifts too for your family with a road trip ahead.
  3. Peanut Butter Balls — These round goodies go by different names according to who taught you how to make them. Some people call the buckeyes, and my mother-in-law used to call them Reee’s balls. That’s because the taste and texture of her version was reminiscent of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Lisa doesn’t make these as often as she used to, but she’s made so many of them that I think she could make them in her sleep. She’s been making them since she was a teenager.
  4. Peanut Butter Cookies — I’m sure you’ve had these before. This is a simple three-ingredient recipe. They don’t last long as it produces a small batch. But when you’re craving something sweet, these are quick to make and they satisfy the sweet tooth. Lisa has taught all 3 of our children to make these.
  5. Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Crackers — Can you tell yet, how much we like peanut butter?! These are so good because they combine sweetness on the outside and a touch of saltiness on the inside with the cracker. Sometimes they’re made with Ritz Crackers and sometimes we enjoy them with saltine crackers (any brand). It really might depend on what’s in the cupboards.
  6. Banana Pudding — It’s a southern staple and large gatherings. If you’ve never had a homemade banana pudding, I feel sorry for you. I mean the kind where the cook makes their own pudding from scratch and the bananas were ripe and delicious. When Lisa makes this I want the first serving while it’s still warm.
  7. Apple Spice Cake — Rounding out this list of 7 is my latest excuse to have more fruit and nuts in my diet. This desert dish is another that Lisa recently began making. Neither the spice flavor or the apples are overwhelming. They seem to balance each other out perfectly for me. But after the cake is baked Lisa makes a caramel glaze that pours overs over this round bundt cake. The hardened shell makes this a delighful cake to have with coffee.

No apologies if you’re hungry after reading this list. Pictures were left out to help you control yourself. If you don’t already have your own favorite recipe for any of these, feel free to ask. We enjoy giving, and if we possibly can, we’ll get you the recipe you need to make any of these.

If your family enjoys life on the sweeter side, any of these desserts are sure to please. Try one for your next gathering, and let us know how it goes.

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