Who Are You Becoming?

To be or not to be is not the question.

No individual is constant in character. Each of us is constantly changing and growing.

That sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

I’ve been blessed to know and work with some very gifted individuals in my life. But I’ve never known anyone that had it all together without any need of outside help. No, not one.

We need other humans, and most importantly, we all need God!

Furthermore, every person I know is a complex and unique blend of strengths and weaknesses. Each of us is an in-process amalgamation of positives and negatives. Said differently, every person you know is a blessing and a burden simultaneously.

Friend, this includes even you. If your personality tends to lean too far towards self-centeredness, self-absorption, or self-love, then what you’ve already read seems to exclude you, but it doesn’t. These observations are valid for even the most gifted and well-rounded personalities you know.

When I think about some of the most prominent Christian leaders, I come to the same conclusion. Each one has a particular set of assets and liabilities, from which they serve God and lead others. Publicly, we might witness confident and secure-sounding interactions from them. Yet, each individual has their own set of limitations, vulnerabilities, or weaknesses.

But as I already stated, none of us is constant. As living and breathing human beings, we grow better or worse every day. The key to this change is the outside help you let in your soul.

Who are you becoming?

Do you like who you are?

Would you like to change? No one accidentally changes for the better!

But if you don’t like who you are and who you see yourself becoming, you can do something about it!

Get started today by accepting full responsibility for your life. You might have been a victim, but you can’t become the person God wants you to become by living in victimhood. Stop blaming others, accept that you were made on purpose, and have free will.

Move to a new hood where the outside influences push you towards God and knowing His Son, Jesus Christ. To know Him and the power of His resurrection will change your life. In this neighborhood, the chief reading material of your life becomes the Book of all Books, the Bible.

God’s Word will bring steady and consistent healing to your soul. It becomes a mirror that shows you who you really are and what you need to do to live in the wholeness God has planned for you.

If that’s the neighborhood you’ve already lived in for a few years, please understand this. The Christians in your circle and region are in the same boat you’re in. We’re all in need of more of God in our souls, and we all need to give more of our souls to God. Leave those servants to their Master to convince them to change for the better. You’re ultimately only responsible for your own soul.

Who are you becoming? Do you intend on becoming the best version of yourself that you can be for God?

The first rule of leadership for everyone is this– you must learn to lead yourself well before you can lead others toward greater soul health. Even if you’re a highly gifted church leader like I’ve already alluded to, you can grow more healthy to the glory of God.

All of what I’ve described can only happen by following His Son Jesus Christ closer than you ever have. Click here to read what that means to me.

Here’s the last word. This takes more than good intentions. The process looks more like this: intention–attention–action. You must give your full attention to your good intentions. But finally, you must take action. Change your habits, the people you spend time with, and the content you read.

You can become someone whose life gives glory to God!

You pray for me, and I’ll be glad to pray for you. Reach out if you’d like to tell me how to specifically pray for you. Click here and fill out the confidential form at the bottom.

PS – If you didn’t click links and read the linked material, you’ve really missed out.

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