5 Things I Like Hot

My personality is usually serious.

But I don’t go around having serious, intellectual, and spiritual thoughts throughout the course of every day. Sometimes, my appreciation for humor and music gets the best of me.

One morning not too long ago, this lighthearted thought occurred to me. The things I like most in life are hot.

This article will mean very little to most of my readers. It’s just a simple glance into how my personality works. But I think, therefore I write.

Here are five things I like hot.

Showers. I like hot showers. It doesn’t matter what the weather outside is like. I prefer a hot shower to a cold one. I find the hot water soothing. As far as baths are concerned, I occasionally enjoy them in the evening as a means of relaxation. Even then, it will be a hot bath.

Meals. I’m kind of a foodie, and I like what I like. The many appliances in our kitchen attest to this preference for hot meals. I can get by in the mornings with a banana. A fruit bowl for lunch is good too, especially in the summer. But I always want my final meal of the day to be a hot meal.

Coffee. Who doesn’t like hot coffee? Some people prefer iced coffee. Not me though. I like the comforting feeling of a hot beverage in my hand. Most mornings, I drink mine before it turns lukewarm. It’s not just about imbibing caffeine. Most of my daily coffee intake is of the hot and decaffeinated kind.

Weather. Some like it hot, and that would be me. I’d always rather be too hot than even a little bit cold. Sure, the occasional cold blast is a welcome relief for a few hours. But those seasons when cold weather sets in for days and weeks are the times that I endure. Hot weather is what I enjoy. I’d rather sweat than shiver.

Church Members. I like to see members of the Body of Christ on fire for Him. These are the ones who can’t praise Him enough, and they get enthusiastically involved in good preaching. Unfortunately, some of His members are cold and not hot. What He dislikes the most are those who are lukewarm. Lukewarm church members are indifferent and apathetic, but I’m still going to love them and pray for them.

BONUS – How about a bonus for blog traffic? I appreciate it when my blog traffic is hot. Most of what’s on this site is written out of a desire to help others. Some of it was probably subconsciously written for self-therapeutic reasons. But it’s all freely given and no one is forced to read it. So when the traffic is running high, I presume someone is being helped. When that’s true, my prayers are being answered. Each piece is sent with a prayer for the Holy Spirit to help others through what He’s given me. The articles and lessons here come from Him, and they’re for His glory.

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