My TOP 5 of 2020

You’ll soon remember 2020 with superfluous adjectives.

BUT, I’m not ready to dive into that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious adventure.

It’s a year filled with many experiences that need to be evaluated and learned from. That’s what I try to do as I go from season to season. Writing is my greatest tool for evaluating experiences.

As said in the title, 5 is what I’m sharing- 5 links to my top 5 articles written in 2020.

Biblically speaking, 5 seems to represent grace. So, as you’re assessing your 2020 outcomes, be gracious to yourself.

It’s been a different kind of year, and each month has held its challenges. My writings reflect some of that difficulty.

Before I share the links, here’s what you need to know. These 5 were written and published in 2020. And they represent the most read of that calendar year.

In another summary type article, I’ll share links to the most-read articles of all time published through this site.

Without further ado, here’s My TOP 5 of 2020.

  1. Racism and My White Reality – I laid down my race card and discussed my history with race relations.
  2. I’m Not Okay – This was a self-therapeutic piece of writing that I believe also helped many. I discussed my frustrations with being an online-only pastor. Many pastors and church leaders identified with my pain.
  3. 7 “What If” Questions about the Salvation Prayer – In this piece, you’ll find my explanation for why I often use a prepared salvation prayer for worship service evangelism. If you’ve ever wondered why other pastors or I do this, then you should read this piece. If you’ve always been against this practice, I challenge you to consider my perspective.
  4. Me and Arsenio – Have you ever had a divine appointment? Hear me explain a 2020 unplanned encounter I had with a younger man. It was a Spirit-led opportunity to witness to someone with many hurts and disappointments.
  5. 3 BIG Differences about Me & Ministry – I often write about me to help others. In this piece, I explained some major ministry lessons for my ministry-minded peers. If you’re a pastor or a friend of a pastor, you should read it.

I have no real way of knowing unless you tell me. So I’ll end My Top 5 of 2020 with this request.

If any one of these top posts has challenged, encouraged, or inspired you, please leave a comment on that particular post. Or you can type it in at the bottom of this one.

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