The 2018 TOP 10 List

The concept of the top ten is not new.

Perhaps the first mention of a written top ten should be credited to Moses. Of course, he received his list from God. His are commandments to obey, and my ten are merely suggestions for reading.

I’m about to share with you my top ten most-read posts for 2018. The penalty for not reading these is less severe than disregarding God’s top ten. I mean, you might hurt my feelings, but that doesn’t compare with offending the holiness of God.

The title of each of these ten is linked for your quick access and is set to open up in a new tab.

10. 3 Things Every Pastor Must Do was written and released in November. It was born out of my enjoyment of simplifying what can sometimes appear to be complicated. Every minister will enjoy this piece.

9. 7 Facebook Guidelines for Better Ministry was first posted in January. As the title indicates, I addressed the need for Christians to handle the powerful social media tool of Facebook with wisdom. Because I strongly appreciate practical knowledge, I felt like it was one of the best list pieces I’ve produced. If you’re a Christian on Facebook, do yourself a favor and go read it now.

8. I’ve been in ministry for almost twenty-five years now, and I enjoy coaching and encouraging others. For Preacher’s Eyes Only is for those who have a speaking ministry. It contains six bite-sized points that explain what it means to preach well. It will encourage every preacher you know.

7. 3 Habits for Altering the Altar Service was born out of my desire to see lives changed by the powerful grace of God. I also believe firmly in the concepts of group prayer, public professions of faith, and the need for every Christian to experience more of Christ’s sanctifying grace. This should be required reading for every local church member everywhere.

6. Coming in at number six is 3 Powerful Do Not’s for Preachers. That’s “do not’s” not donuts. Here, I pointedly asked preachers in pulpits to stop complaining about three specific items. Yes, you should read it too.

5. Beginning the second half of 2018’s top ten most-read blogs is one that I published in July of 2017. Readers stumbled onto it this year, and it continues to be a blessing. 4 Horrible Lies the Devil is Pushing is also my second most-read blog of all time. I encourage my preaching friends to use this one and preach it well.

4. The lack of Bible literacy among the Body of Christ is disheartening to me. The lack of basic Bible knowledge is glaringly obvious in most congregations. To that end, I wrote 7 Reasons to Establish Yourself in the Bible as a means of encouragement. I preached this one on a Wednesday night and passed out Bible reading guides at the end of the service. Pastor, you have my support to take this list, preach it with love, and use it to promote literacy among your fellowship.

3. Coming in at number three for 2018 is 7 New Testament Verses on Holiness that Every Christian Should Ingest. Not only is it the third most-read of 2018, but it’s also my third most-read blog of all time. It seems to have resonated with so many who have a growing heart to be like Jesus. Please read this one and share it on your favorite social media channel.

2. The Foolishness of Easter Sunday was published on March 1, 2018. I wrote it because Resurrection Sunday and April Fool’s Day both came on April 1, 2018. It fueled the fire for many preachers and believers alike who enjoyed this piece immensely.

Drum roll please… 1. Coming it at number one is the most-read piece from a different perspective for the year 2018, 3 Signs of the Spirit’s Supernatural Arrival. This devotional post will preach! It’s derived from a passage of Scripture that I’ve read, taught, and quoted hundreds upon hundreds of times throughout my ministry. The Spirit illuminated it freshly for me last January. This also formed the basis of some good preaching. And I’m confident that I’ll preach it again.

Let me end this top ten list with a great big THANK YOU. Thank you for being one of my subscribers or readers. I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to read and reflect on the words that God gives me.

I know that I’ve been blessed to be a blessing. Also, I often think of the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, “it is more blessed to give than receive” (Acts 20:35). For that reason, I’ll leave you with this BONUS link.

The most-read blog of all time from this site continues to be 7 Small Church Pointers Towards Better Services. It was written and published in February 2016 and became an instant favorite of many. I think you’ll like it too.

As I leave this year of transition behind, I do so with a small ask of you. This site is maintained as a ministry. I don’t receive any form of revenue from it. It exists to help and serve others. Please share the articles and devotions that have been a blessing to you. For them to be read more widely, I’m dependent upon you using your influence to share them by social media, email, and even the tried and true method called word of mouth.

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