3 Reasons to Believe It’s Not Magic, but It Is Magnificent

Christians don’t practice magic, sorcery, or witchcraft.

But we do believe in the supernatural power of God.

The most repeated manifestation of His power is answered prayer. It cannot be explained away by the psychology of confirmation bias.

Christian, you serve a God who hears and answers prayer.

There’s nothing magical about it. Prayer is one of the most scriptural and spiritual practices of your faith. Intuitively and instinctually, all humankind senses a need to communicate with God.

Prayer is never a waste of your time.

For this is the confidence that we have in Him. If we pray according to His will, we know He hears us. And if He hears us, we know that answers are on the way. See 1 John 5:14-15.


Another great comfort is that there are no expiration dates stamped on your prayers. God exists outside of the boundaries of time and space.

Time and space are His creation, and He cannot be bound by them. Therefore, when you pray to the God of the Bible, your prayers rest with the One who has power over time. Your prayers don’t go bad!

It’s within God’s power to slow down the earth’s rotation (pause the sun), move mountains into the sea, and bring life to what appears to have been swallowed up in death, all in answer to your prayers. And none of this is magic. But it is magnificent!

Taken from the Gospel of John, here are 3 reasons to believe it’s not magic, but it is magnificent. Be sure to click the links and read, or study them at a later time.

  1. Those who are highly familiar with the Gospels agree. Jesus was a man of prayer. John 14:12-14 is a marvelous promise made to His followers. Jesus speaks of “greater works” and uses the broad word “whatever” to describe our prayer life. What if prayer, in Jesus’ name, is the greater works to which we have been called? I believe prayer is the most marvelous work of faith.
    It’s not magic, but it is magnificent.

  2. Within the True Vine passage of the Upper Room discourse, we find John 15:12-16. Let me merely point out the phrase, “whatever you ask the Father in My name.” As we progress in the two-way communication of prayer, friends of God learn to draw upon prayer as daily sustenance for the fruit-bearing life.
    It’s not magic, but it is magnificent.

  3. In a broader passage that speaks much about joy, we find the promise of John 16:23-24. I must point out “whatever” is used by Jesus again. Clearly, Jesus wants you to know that nothing is off-limits to your prayer life and His power. The Father giving us our requests is a part of the will of God for our joy-filled life.
    It’s not magic, but it is magnificent.
The Joy copy 3

Of course, all of this requires a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Christians mature in their level of faith over the intentional course of time.

Growing Christians have an ever-maturing prayer life.

It’s not magic, but it is magnificent!

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