The Power of Proximity

Never underestimate the power of proximity.

What is proximity? The short definition has to do with the nearness of space, time, or relationship. Distance is a closely related concept.


Willful sin in your Christian life is because of your lack of proximity to the Savior.

When you are not drawing near to His presence, you tend to want what you want. But when you are practicing His presence, you want what He wants, and you pursue His righteousness.

Let’s let Luke 6:17 jump-start our hearts. The text reads, “And He came down with them and stood on a level place with a crowd of His disciples and a great multitude of people…

Luke, the physician, recorded details that first appeared to be pure geography. With further contemplation, I began to think of proximity.

Take note of the phrasing found in this verse.

Jesus “came down” after His night of prayer. However, we also know that He came from Heaven to Earth. His incarnation brought humanity the gift of His presence. He wrapped Himself up in human flesh.

He came down “with them” is what we are told next. He came down and called His disciples together and chose His twelve apostles. Now He was “with them” on a closer level because He “chose” them.

Next, Jesus “stood on a level place.” Wherever His presence is, that becomes a level place. Whether we are with Him on our Golgotha cross or beholding His empty tomb, the ground is level because all have sinned, Jesus paid that awful debt, and He lives forevermore.

His presence “with a crowd” denotes His unfailing love for all of humanity, His omnipresence, and His accessibility. The nearness of His presence communicates His care and concern. Wherever He is, is precisely where you should want to be.

What happens next in this context is highly relevant to our daily lives. Dr. Luke says the multitude came “to hear Him and be healed.”

Why did you come into His presence? Did you come only to be heard, or did you come to hear Him? Jesus knows the things you need because, after all, He is God.

The first responsibility of genuine prayer (drawing near to His presence) is to hear Him. His words alone have the power to save, deliver, and heal. The multitude came to “hear Him,” and that desire led to many healings.

The PROXIMITY of His manifest PRESENCE is directly proportionate to His POWER.

Throughout the Gospel accounts and all of history, wherever Jesus is, healing takes place.


Do you need healing? Is Jesus your Great Physician? Come into His presence and hear Him. He’s waiting for you to come confidently into His throne room of grace.

Draw near to Him by plugging into His Word today. As you hear Him, let your petitions be made known, and the peaceful presence of God will guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus.

Never underestimate the power of proximity!

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