Administrator’s Log – April 2018

Amazingly, May is already here, and it didn’t even ask for permission before entering my life.

April was a slow month for many reasons. It started off with Easter Sunday, and we were blessed to be in attendance for the sunrise worship service and breakfast at Living Waters CH Church. Later that morning, I drove over and worshipped with Pastor James Daniel at Emmanuel CH Church in Griffin. The rest of the day was spent with family in leisure around the house.

On Tuesday (4/3) of that week, I dove to Lincolnton, Georgia to attend a funeral visitation on behalf of the Hicks’ family. The late Mrs. Margie Hicks was honored by friends of hers and her deceased husband, Bishop Cullen Hicks. On the way home that evening, I began not feeling well. We got up the next day and prepared to leave town for several days. We drove up to Chattanooga, Tennessee to spend the evening and night with our daughter Brittany and son-in-law Jeremy.

On Thursday morning (Brittany’s birthday) we left out for Pigeon Forge and the annual CHC General Women’s Ministries Retreat. Within about half an hour, I became too ill to travel and had to return to the Monteleone apartment. I convinced Lisa, Brittany, and Caleb to go on without me. I was sure that I’d be grounded for a couple of days.

When they returned on Saturday evening (4/7), I was still not feeling well enough to travel. So, we stayed one more night in Chattanooga. Early that Sunday morning we started our journey back home in Griffin and I rested for the remainder of the day.

The following Wednesday, I was finally able to drive again, and we attended midweek Bible study service at Living Waters CH Church. On Friday of that week (4/13), we made a trip to Cochran, Georgia, and back.

The South Alabama CHC District had their business session on Saturday morning (4/14). I drove and participated in this meeting, representing Mission USA and our general offices. District Superintendent, Doug Whaley, officiated a robust agenda. Afterward, we drove home.

Sunday morning (4/15) found us in Griffin and without a scheduled engagement, we were able to drop in for an enjoyable visit with West Sunny Side Community Church in Griffin. Pastor Jonathan Fitzpatrick preached a good word. On Monday morning, I learned of a friend that was hospitalized, and we gladly made a hospital visit. After offering encouragement and prayer, we made another quick trip to Cochran to retrieve Caleb from his fun weekend.

Wednesday evening found us back in attendance at West Sunny Side CH Church for the BLAST Class. This stands for Believers Learning and Serving Together. Pastor Ritchie Thompson leads this small group.

On the following Saturday (4/21), we drove over to Centre, Alabama and attended the North Alabama CHC District Youth Rally. This was highly attended, and we expect this group to have a banner turnout for their summer youth camp. We spent that night in Cedartown, Georgia. And therefore, we visited with the Cedartown CH Church for their morning worship service. Pastor Wayne Smith preached a beautiful message from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. That Sunday evening (4/22), it was my privilege to preach at Living Waters CH Church. We enjoyed an excellent time of fellowship after the service with Pastor Don and Sandra Sansbury.

Once again we able to attend the midweek service (5/25) at Living Waters CH Church. This was a month that ended busier than it started, due to personal sickness. But praise the Lord, I am much better.

Saturday afternoon, we headed toward Graniteville, South Carolina for two nights lodging. While there, we were blessed to spend time with Pastor Jody and Michelle Padgett over an evening meal.

The last Sunday (5/29) of the month found us in Saluda, South Carolina all day. I was honored to represent Mission USA and preach the morning service at Hopewell CH Church, where Pastor Jerry and Teresa Denney serve. That evening, I did the same with Bible Believers CH Church with Pastor Mark Wilkes.

With a beautiful drive home on Monday, we found April leaving much quieter than it arrived. As with every month, we kept office hours and fulfilled many other tasks that I don’t take the time to mention here.

How about your April? Did it spring about with activity for you?


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