Victory by Visitation

It is no secret what God can do. It’s also no secret that V-I-C-T-O-R-Y is my focus word for this year.

In recent devotional writing, I shared: “Anyone that will cooperate with the plan of God in general and His will for their life can have victory.” I believe that maintaining the victory on this Christian journey is entirely possible.


What I am discovering is not only does God want me to have the victory, He is willing to help me maintain it. However, I must stay humble and ready to appropriate His help.

Previously, I’ve shared that occasionally I awaken with the lyrics of a song rolling through my soul. I sometimes recognize that the Lord is trying to encourage me through songs, hymns, and spiritual songs.

The most recent visitation relates to my victory. Here is how the Lord ministered to me through this melodious visitor.


The first visitor’s arrival I found odd because I can’t recall hearing this song in many years. It was written by Joel Hemphill and released in 1977, long before I was born again into the family of God. It’s titled Consider the Lilies, and even though its verses are beautiful, it was the chorus that spoke loudest to me.

I had gone to sleep a little concerned about something. On the one hand, I was determined to let it go. On the other hand, I was still considering addressing the issue. I fell into my slumber and arose with a renewed perspective to let God handle it.

Leaving the matter with the Father is how I would maintain the victory. After all, when I “consider the lilies” I recall that I have a Heavenly Father Who really cares when His children are in need.

If He is willing to see after the flowers of the field, then how much more will He take care of His children! Consider the lilies, and then you will know.


The second visitor arrived a couple of months later. Unlike the first, this was a song that I had briefly heard in recent weeks. It’s much newer, having been released in 2014. Sometimes It Takes a Mountain is was recorded by the Gaither Vocal Band. There was one particular line from the chorus that spoke to me in those wee hours of the morning: “Sometimes it takes a mountain to trust you and believe.” The first verse declares, “I need You like I never have before.”

Trusting God with one day and one step at a time is how I will be victorious. The mountain in front of me is no challenge to the God Who orders my steps.

How will you deal with the challenge ahead of you? One step at a time. There’s no time for doubting, follow God’s will and allow Him to order your steps.

Can God speak to us through music? He sure can. I mean, if He can speak through Balaam’s donkey or the casting of lots, then He can speak to His children through music.


There is always a need to make sure that what you hear lines up with the clear teachings of the Bible. You can’t get more spiritual than scriptural.

Thanks be to God! He “gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Cor. 15:58).

Have you ever sensed God confirming the teachings of His word to you through music? Tell me about it and let’s rejoice in the victory together.

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