Grace, Gratitude, & 2017’s Most-Read Blogs

Wow! What a year. It’s hard for me to mentally absorb all of the events that have taken place this year. More than anything, I am grateful for the grace of God that has empowered and sustained my family and me through every day in the year of our Lord 2017.

love-beans-caffeine-coffeeNot only am I grateful for grace, but I am also thankful to you. Thank you for taking the time to read the different perspectives of this servant of God. For 2017, the blog has averaged about 36 views a day from email subscribers, social media interaction, and occasional visitors. I earnestly appreciate each of you.

Many of you have left comments and other interactions, and for that feedback, I thank you. Several of you go a step farther when an article blesses you by sharing it on your social media pages and for that, I thank you.

Without further ado, as a means of celebrating this ministry blogging year, I’d like to share with you the 7 most read posts of 2017.

7. Coming in as the seventh most read piece during 2017 is an article that I actually wrote in February 2016. It quickly became and remains the all-time most read composition here. “7 Small Church Pointers Towards Better Services” is my opinionated list of pointers for worship services.

6. Released on the last day of March, “9 Thoughts on Preaching Good Sermons” was my way of showing appreciation for preaching and helping my preaching friends.

5. Coming in at the fifth most read blog is “12 Little Lessons on Humility & Holiness for Ministry Leaders.” It’s not as wordy as the title might suggest.

4.The Right Way to Leave Your Pastorate” was the beginning of my thoughts continued in number 2. It was published before those two.

3. The third most read article on this blog for 2017 is “10-25 Reasons You Should Attend Church.” It’s probably not what you’re expecting.

2. With “7 Essential Guidelines for Entering a New Pastorate” I strongly sensed God’s Spirit helping me write. It grew out of “How Not to Leave Your Pastorate.” These subjects aren’t addressed too much in conventional thought and popular writings.

1. The most read article of the year is “4 Horrible Lies The Devil Is Pushing.” This devotional was released at the end of July and is the short version of a sermon. I almost didn’t publish it because it is a rather stern piece. However, it so strongly resonated with so many of you and I’m glad I decided to share it.

questions-1151886-640x480Thank you again for your support of a different perspective. And by all means, if you consider any of these in this list to be a blessing, pass them on to your friends and family.

Help me, help you by giving a thoughtful answer to these questions. Which of these blessed you most? Is there a topic, theme, or text that you’d like for me to consider writing about during  2018?

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