6 Needed Tips about Church Worship Music

Worship is not just a musical event. It’s the Christian lifestyle.

I love music, and most church people do too. Even though I’m not a musician, I’m a creative who’s passionate about music.

Lyrics from hymns, spiritual songs, and songs from the culture I grew up in often make it into the sermon. Sometimes I put them in and wait to see if anyone notices. One week I carefully inserted Survivor’s lyric, The search is over, you were with me all the while (1984). Last fall, I inserted Tyler Childers’ Way of the Triune God (2022).

I also like what the Gaithers wrote about God and music. Perhaps you’ve heard these lyrics. “He started the whole world singing a song, The words and the music were there all along. What the song had to say was that love found a way, To start the world singing a song” (1998).

God has given humanity the ability to play and sing music. Measures, scales, and beats per minute all resonate with the rhythms of our God-created souls. God created music, and it’s important to Him. He wants us to enjoy it.

Sometimes, people mistakenly refer to the music portion as the worship service. Music is a HUGE part of our worship. But the worship service is incomplete if it’s only about music.

Many good things can be expected during the Sunday morning worship service, and music is a big part. People should hear from God, sense His love, and become more aware of His presence. Our Sunday worship gatherings are an integral part of coming together in Jesus’ name and a way to have an intimate encounter with Him.

We must acknowledge that every church attendee has their personal preferences regarding church music. However, there are many types of acceptable church music.

Since the child of God must build their life on the foundation of His Word, let’s pause right here. Please read the linked Scripture before you read the rest of this article. I won’t list the many Old Testament examples of using music and song, and there are many examples and oh so many Psalms. The New Testament demonstrates this need for followers of Christ. Read about it here.

Even though we like what we like, let’s retrain our minds with these 6 pro tips.

1) In God’s family, we should consider others’ needs more important than our preferences.

Selfishness could be described as an anti-Christian mindset. Growing Christians learn to put others’ needs above their own preferences. This applies to music and every other aspect of the Christian’s life.

2) You might not like every song in our Sunday sets, but you can still worship God in Spirit and truth.

I made up my mind a long time ago that even if the church music sounds as depressing as the Hee Haw Quartet (“gloom, despair, and agony on me”), I’m still going to lift my head toward Heaven and worship God. Somehow, we need to convince ourselves that worship is not about us. Say this out loud, “it’s not about me.”

3) The type of music that helps you worship may not be as helpful to someone else.

That doesn’t mean that they’re wrong and you’re right. It just means that we’re all different and going through different seasons of life. Look around this Sunday morning. Someone is being blessed.

4) The typical Sunday service’s music depends on our band’s background and skills.

We can’t expect that everyone knows and loves to worship with every song we ever learned to love. I can’t expect that just because an individual can play an instrument, they can lead any song in the history of Christian music. That’s an unrealistic expectation.

5) Varied types of music can facilitate different worship experiences.

Sometimes a hymn that helps us address God directly is what’s needed. Other times a spiritual song that gives words to our testimony is used by the Spirit to build us up. Be willing to let the Holy Spirit use a new-to-you song and take you into a different worship experience. He might want to do a new thing in your soul this Sunday.

6) The primary purpose of in-church music is not our entertainment. Its purpose is to facilitate our worship of God.

It’s time that we learn this timeless truth. You can pay well to attend a concert for entertainment or use your smartphone to access the best options available. But in-church music is designed to help us worship God. Don’t compare the Sunday band to the finest and most gifted musicians and vocalists around the world. Give those Christians the freedom to grow and use their gifts to lead our time of worshipping God with music.

When it’s all said and done, and when it’s all played and sung, we only have to please God.

Whatever you do, worship God in spirit and truth this Sunday.

2 thoughts on “6 Needed Tips about Church Worship Music

  1. Amen, thanks!

    Doug Bartlett
    Evangelism & Missions Director, Asst. Supt.
    North Carolina IPHC Conference
    Falcon, NC 28342
    910-980-1162 ext. 103

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