I’ve Never Been Sorry For These 5 Things

It’s not uncommon to acquire some regrets as we proceed through the days of our lives.

Whether you live a life filled with daily risks or you’ve shrunk back to settle into obscurity, you also have some regrets. None of us intentionally acquires regrets. But because none of us can perfectly know the future with all its variables and other free-willed humans that live in our life circles, regrets have a way of arriving as we grow into middle age and beyond.

Like you and every other red-blooded human, I’ve made my share of mistakes and have more than a few regrets.

Sure, I’ve learned from my past regrets. They have taught me to pray better, ask more questions, and consult others with relevant experience to make better decisions in the present.

However, this last week I was thinking about some decisions I’ve never regretted. These are items for which I’ve never been sorry.

1) I’ve never been sorry for taking the time to pray.

The moments, minutes, and more I’ve spent talking to God are never a waste of time. Connecting with my blessed Creator is an eternal investment without regrets. Hearing from our Father in Heaven is such a delight! By His Holy Spirit, He walks with me and talks with me. My simple challenge is to be a better listener.

2) I’ve never been sorry for reading the Bible.

God’s Word has made me a better man. From the first time that holy curiosity drove me there in search of answers for a better life until this very day, I have no regrets about my time with an open Bible. The trend line of my life has featured a northbound continuous improvement in quality due to the influence of God’s Word. It just keeps on getting better!

3) I’ve never been sorry that I trusted the holy name of Jesus Christ for salvation.

Long before I had a Spirit-revealed understanding of the message of the Gospel, I prayed and occasionally read the Bible. Prevenient grace drew me in, and I’m so glad to be saved by grace through faith. The longsuffering of God’s love continuously reached out and never gave up on me. He revealed so much to me that I knew without Him, my life would be a disaster, and I’d cause ruin to so many other lives too. I love being a Christian, and

I love to tell the story, ’tis pleasant to repeat,
What seems each time I tell it more wonderfully sweet;
I love to tell the story, for some have never heard
The message of salvation from God’s own holy Word.

I Love to Tell the Story

4) I’ve never been sorry about making a hospital visit.

Even before I accepted God’s call on my life to learn, grow, and serve Him in Christian leadership, I practiced the art of showing up for those in need. Those who are sickly have always seemed to appreciate when an attitude of faith, hope, and love offers a few minutes of compassion. And sometimes, just as much as the patient, family members also appreciate and receive from these ministry moments. I’ve not always been able to make every visit to those in need because, like you, I, too, have limitations and many demands. But I’ve never been driving away and regretted that I made such a visit. Besides all this, hospitals are places I’d much rather visit than be a guest.

5) I’ve never been sorry that I took the time to be a friend to someone in need.

It’s often been said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. So many times in my life, I’ve needed a friend, and God has been so gracious to me. In every season, He’s provided a few friends that prayerfully and carefully blessed me in some measure. It’s been more than enough motivation to be a friend whenever I see an opportunity. But to be transparent, I’ve not always been the model friend. Still, I’ve never regretted being a friend and assisting someone in need.

Once again, I’ll end this list post by writing the obvious. This list could grow.

But what about you? If you were making your own list today, what would you say, “I’ve never been sorry for…?”

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