I Saw Her Standing There

June 8, 1991, marks the 30th anniversary of William and Lisa.

30 years! That’s amazing for so many reasons.

That’s 30 consecutive years of being legally and spiritually united as husband and wife. And to think, a few people thought we wouldn’t make it. “Looks like we’ve made it…”

That’s 30 years of learning how to love one another. We’ve loved each longer, but I confess that I’ve never loved you better (and more) than I do today.

That’s 30 years of “wuv, tru wuv” with you, my princess bride.

That’s 30 years of waking up day after day and meeting life’s challenges. We’ve encouraged each other when life knocked our collective breath out.

That’s 30 years of successfully working and raising a family, paying taxes and participating in our nation’s economy. I’m still not sure how we’ve done that.

There’s a Beatles tune running through my head as I write this morning. It’s older than us and our marriage. But since it seems like there’s an old-school stereo and a stack of 45’s sitting in the corner of my soul, I’ll make use of these lyrics.

“Well, she was just seventeen” (as the Beatles once sang), and God gave her a tall order that no young lady could fully understand.

“Well, she looked at me And I, I could see That before too long I’d fall in love with her.” Believe it or not, even though we were teenagers, the eyes have it. Her beautiful eyes were all I could see and I was hooked. Just one look, that’s all it took. I was in too deep, and there was no turning back.

“Well, my heart went “boom” When I crossed that room And I held her hand in mine.” My bride still makes my heart go boom boom! Even now, I recall holding her hand in church and placing the ring on her finger. And to this day, I still enjoy holding her hand.

I wasn’t a preacher when Lisa married me. Vocational ministry wasn’t even on my mind. To be honest, I wasn’t even what most would consider a good Christian. God has blessed her with patience and longsuffering.

When “I saw her standing there,” I was instinctively drawn to her. And now more than ever, I enjoy having her by my side. Our stubborn love is a testimony to the faithfulness of God.

Thank you, Lisa, for growing with me and not giving up on me. Thank you for 30 years of loving me and choosing to understand me through the good, bad, and most challenging years of our marriage.

I still enjoy looking at you, standing next to you, and sharing life with you. It keeps on getting better, and I’m “stuck on you.”

I love you more than words can say. But words are what I’ve grown best at using.

I thank God for you and the life He’s given us together.

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