I’m Just Too Busy

Time is a mysterious commodity.

It’s really not, but sometimes we talk about it like it is the biggest puzzle ever.

To be factual, time has worked the same way for all my life. Night has always followed day, and dawn has always brought another sunrise.

Every year of my life, time has been measured the same. There have been 365 days in every year. Each of these days has held 24 hours. It’s been so repetitive that it sometimes seems monotonous.

But sometimes you and I talk about not having enough time. We whine about running out of time. Complaints abound on how time is slipping away.

Christians are among the worst offenders. The catchphrase of most people within lethargic Christianity is “I’m just too busy.” You’re no busier than the next person. You’ve just made different choices.

Jesus was busy on a mission to save the world. But the Gospels never record Him saying, “I’m just too busy.”

Could it be that many of us have trained ourselves for busyness?

Most English translations of the Bible have over 700 references to time for us to consider. For time’s sake, I won’t list them all.

But the truth is many people are just poor stewards of the days of our lives. Every individual gets to choose how they’ll spend their daily 24-hour allotment.

Stop complaining about how busy you are. Learn to make better choices.

While some humans are addicted to the extreme of busyness, others are lazy and prefer to whine about time.

You’re not God, and that means you can’t make time. But He did give you free will. Time already exists, and every human being has been given this present. You can learn to manage your day-to-day time budget well and thereby make the most of the years of your life.

You can’t find time either. It’s not missing. Each moment and minute shows up in the present.

You can’t make time or find time, but you can make better choices.

You’re never going to find the time for the things you want. You’ll have to ruthlessly take the time to work and meet your goals.

Set godly goals. Make good choices. Manage time so that it works for you and not against you.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk ; )

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