3 Questions about Christians and Social Media

So, you’re a Christian.

Then your general behavior should be different from those who are not.

An opening like that could go in so many different directions. But I’ll stay on topic by answering three questions.

Should Christians participate in social media?

I believe you should.

But let’s accept that not everyone can handle the massive temptations that come with enormous responsibility. There are too many Christians on social media who can’t handle the temptations, and they should take a season or two off.

Generally speaking, though, Christians should be on social media because we have a responsibility to witness to our world. And since so much of the world is on social media, it’s a great place to influence others to look towards Jesus.

How should Christians behave on social media?

Christians should not behave like those who are not Christians. That’s true on social media, in your house, and everywhere else a Christian lives. Too much of the behavior on social media is all about, look at me.

Instead, a Christian should use social media to influence others in a positive and uplifting manner. Be a voice of encouragement because everyone you know already has enough discouraging voices in their lives.

When was the last time you made a post or comment that mentioned God, His salvation, or His power to redeem?

Here’s a big thing to stop regardless of your age. Refuse to post that sensual photo. Every human being knows that we’re all sexual creatures. We don’t need to see your latest hot pose to validate that. All Christians need to occasionally review the biblical concepts of modesty and relearn what it means to carry oneself modestly.

Our world is sex-crazed enough, and Christians should stop mindlessly contributing. Untold numbers of people are addicted to sexual sins. Children and young adults are being kidnapped, trafficked, and sold into sexual bondage. The internet is full of evil perverted people who can access and lust over your pictures and videos.

Another thing to consider stopping is those weird posts that you can’t know for sure of their truthfulness. If you don’t know the people involved, let it go. Keep scrolling. I promise that God’s not mad because you failed to forward and share that post ten times in thirty seconds.

If you’re looking for a way to really bless the Lord, use those thirty seconds to pray the Lord’s prayer. You probably already know how it begins, “Our Father…”

While I’m down this road, I’ll also suggest this about comments and status updates. Christian, act with wisdom, and stop attacking others with public posts. Pray for them and forgive them. Forgive is the only “F” word you should be thinking or typing. If it’s another Christian and you must address it, the biblical thing to do is go to the person in private.

Give James 3:17-18 some thought before your next social media update.

Personally, I’ve deleted many sentences in my many years on social media. Sometimes, I choose to privately send a text or direct message to a few friends. You see, my whole world doesn’t need to know all of my thoughts.

Regardless of the platform, Christians need to slow down and use it with wisdom. We are not supposed to use social media like those who are not Christian.

I’ll end this attempt to help fellow believers with a couple of final questions. Are there any pictures or videos that you should go and delete? Are there any old statuses or comments that you should look up and delete?

Christian, we can all do better with our social media behavior. I invite you to join me, and let’s use the internet responsibly.

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