My Radiant Wife

You might not want to read this.

I’m obviously okay with you reading, or it wouldn’t be out here on the world wide web. I only gave the disclaimer in case you’re going through a season where you can’t handle mushy stuff.

Today, I publicly acknowledge the favor of God in my life. One of the surest signs of my favor from the Lord is my faithful wife. Because of my Lisa, I am a blessed man, and I’m not ashamed to use my words and tell the whole world.

Without Jesus and Lisa, I’d sure be a lot less of a man.

June 8 is the anniversary of our holy matrimony. Maintaining the holiness of this covenant has not always been easy. There have been seasons of life when I’ve not been too lovable. During those seasons, I’m grateful that Lisa has been committed to God.

Consistently, Lisa grows in her loving respect for “her own husband” and she believes in me. Her character as an excellent wife gives me great pleasure, and I never get tired of her glowing beauty.

Consider the word radiant.

Radiant describes someone who is shining or glowing brightly. Those who know her well understand that this describes her personality and sweet smile.

Why do I insist on describing her as radiant? My Lisa fits the word because she continuously looks to the Lord. She praises Him, seeks His will, and walks in His deliverance. These holy habits are the secret to her radiant beauty.

Psalm 34:5 declares, ” Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.” We both look to Him for constant help. And I’m not ashamed to declare that the radiant wife of my youth is the love of my life.

A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. I praise God that His plan for Lisa’s life included her “I do” to make me a blessed man.

I LOVE YOU, SWEETHEART! To you, I pledge my growing love for the rest of my life.

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