The Established Christian

There is a great need for all those who name the name of Christ to become well established in the Bible. Not everyone needs to understand the subtle nuances of the original languages. Neither does every Christ-follower need to spend years in seminary in order to follow Him.

However, can you imagine having a relationship with any person and not caring at all about what they say? Is it possible to really love someone and never engage them in conversation?

The answers to these questions pertain to the way that some Christians ignore the Word of God. If you’ve never heard balanced teaching on this subject, please listen to this one. 

It doesn’t represent my best work as an orator, but the lesson content is powerful and will change your life if applied.

As a Christian, you have no biblical grounds to claim spirituality apart from the Word of God. Simply stated, you can’t get more spiritual than scriptural.

Finally, if you’d like a pdf copy of the Bible reading plans mentioned at the end of this video, comment below and I’ll be glad to share. 

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