Defensive Coverage

In the realm of sports, the concept of defense is often talked about. In the field of life, Christians require a solid defense as well. Thankfully, the position of Defensive Coordinator is already filled for us.

God’s people have turned to Him for centuries when they sensed the need to see His defensive coverage. The reality of the living the Christian life well brings unseen opposition, which sometimes reveals itself through other flesh and blood humans. Regardless of the human opposition, we can rejoice in knowing that our weapons are mighty through God. Because of His master strategy, there is an unstoppable defensive (and offensive) line upon which we can depend.

Often, we make it through circumstances and situations that were designed by the adversary to take us out and force us into utter defeat. Unscathed and on the other side, be sure to give God the glory. Just as well as there are unseen forces that work against those who live godly in Christ Jesus, there are also unseen forces that work for us providing the best possible defensive coverage.

David had sensed real, life-threatening danger and had made it through. This is the occasion of Psalm 124. It begins with this sigh of relief praise. “If it had not been for the Lord Who was on our side,” (verse 1). And it ends in this manner, “Our help is in the name of the Lord, Who made heaven and earth” (verse 8).

On this day, be reminded that the Lord is the defender of His people. Our adversaries are limited because of the unlimited power that stands by us. The One Who created everything that is in existence is on your side. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The One Who was on your side is still on your side, and will always be by your side.

Today, I encourage you to choose righteousness and relax in God’s defensive coverage over your works of righteousness.

Please take a moment and review these Scripture references and pray accordingly: Psalm 124, Ephesians 6:12, Hebrews 13:8, Matthew 5:6, and Matthew 6:33. You’ll never regret the time you invest in praying through God’s​ written revelation.

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