Priming Your Praise Pump

I recently had a memory flashback during my morning Bible reading time.

It was a time over twenty years ago when Lisa and I were helping our local church through several days children’s ministry campaign.


Kid’s Crusade, as it was dubbed, was a good week of loving on little ones, teaching them the basics of the Gospel, learning crafts, eating snacks, and of course, learning catchy little age-appropriate songs.

So as I was reading Psalm 119 for the second time this year, this portion grabbed my attention. It’s all about a heart that has a loving infatuation for God and His Word. A heart that stays in awe of the beauty of God’s Word cannot help but praise Him throughout the day. That’s almost exactly what is recorded in Psalm 119:164. “Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous rules” (ESV).

It was as if there was a kid’s choir cued up and waiting for the green light to sing. Because, as soon as I read this verse, one of the catchiest tunes ever started playing in my mind.

Let me share the lyrics with you. This is how it starts.

Seven times a day
I will praise You
I will praise You
Seven times a day
It’s a joy to Your ear
Whenever You hear
Praises seven times a day

And now here’s the list of praise reasons that the song teaches.

One for my fam’ly
Two for my friends
Three for Your mercies
That never end
Four for the stars
That shine by night
Five ’cause I’m glad
I know You’re alive
Six for the food
You give us each day
Seven for Heaven
‘Cause I’m going that way


The point of all this is that the only way to keep praises to God rolling through your heart and mind is to keep pushing them out of your lips. Even when you don’t necessarily feel like it, there is something for which you ought to be praising God. 

Even in the darkest hours of life, there are reasons for which to give God praise. Some days, I have to encourage myself in the Lord and begin priming my praise pump.

Without preaching you a whole sermon, let me make this clear. Christian, you are a child of God. And with child-like faith, you ought to be practicing thanks-living. And with a grateful heart, you should fill your own ears with praises to God. He’s given you so many blessings.

You should only give God praise on days that end with the letter y. And if you need some help getting started today, go ahead and use this list of seven and the tune that goes along with the lyrics. Family, friends, mercies, stars, life, food, and Heaven are all more than enough to get you started.

Seven Times A Day is copyrighted by Hosanna Music and was released in 1995. The writers were Nancy Gordon and Paul Smith. Click here to watch the video and get this little tune stuck in your head for the next couple of days.

WARNING: following this article’s suggested counsel will prime your praise pump, and you could end up praising God incessantly.

Lastly, I challenge you to create your own list of seven praises for God’s righteous rules, the Holy Scriptures.

2 thoughts on “Priming Your Praise Pump

  1. Praise You Lord, One because I’m Your chosen one, Two because me and You, make two, Three because You rose on the third day, Four because I will be with You for evermore” Five because its meaning is Grace, by which I am saved, Six because you created all things” in six days, Seven because I now can enter Your rest”

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