Beauty Beyond the Excuses

There’s a beautiful story of grace found in John 5. It’s a story of healing that takes place at the Pool of Bethesda.darko-pribeg-537140-unsplash

Surrounding this pool, were five porches or arches. Under these arches and around this healing pond, a great many sick people rested and waited for the moving of the waters.

But on this day, the waters of grace would be stirred for one particular man that had been ill for thirty-eight years.

Jesus saw his condition. Interestingly, the Bible does not describe Jesus searching long and hard for this man. After the initial description that set up the scene, we find that Jesus immediately approached this man. As the Almighty Creator, Jesus saw this man and his condition before he replied to the piercingly powerful question. “Do you want to be healed?” (5:6, ESV).

It’s crucial for you to know that Jesus sees your condition too. Right now and right where you are, Jesus sees. With loving kindness beyond your ability to comprehend, He’s ready to approach you. How will you respond?

Jesus supernaturally cured his condition. In spite of this man’s less than appropriate response to our Lord’s question. Jesus healed Him. He perfectly and instantly provided a supernatural cure. Jesus did not spend time correcting the attitude that made excuses. Our Lord did not sharply respond as I might have, “Just answer the question!” Beyond the excuses, Jesus lovingly spoke healing into his life. “Get up, take up your bed, and walk” (5:8, ESV).

It’s essential for you to know that Jesus is a healer. Not only does He see your condition, but He is also the supernatural cure for your life. Now is not the time to wallow in your puddle of pitiful excuses. In spite of your condition and the timing that you thought would be your cure, now is the time to choose joy. The Lord wants to speak into your life. How will you respond?

Jesus spoke confirmation of his new condition. However, there’s always someone standing by to criticize the work of God in your life. Rather than rejoicing for the grace of God at operation in his life, the most religious people of his day were bent on finding reasons why he shouldn’t be whole. Don’t you know what day it is! You can’t be carrying your bed. What do you mean, you’ve been made well?! Who did this? Healings can’t be performed on the Sabbath (my paraphrase). But Jesus confirmed his new condition and graciously provided him with more instruction. “See, you are well! Sin no more, that nothing worse may happen to you” (5:14, ESV).

It’s important for you to know the confirmation of Christ too. In spite of the critical voices that want to distract you and come against you, Jesus wants to confirm the work of God in your life. Listen and hear Him say, I am your healer. Move forward in life and sin no more. How will you respond?

charl-van-rooy-616500-unsplashThe beauty beyond the excuses in this Christ-story is because the grace of God is available to us all in spite of our excuses and current condition. Like this man at the pool of Bethesda, I too was lame before Christ came along. I could do so little to help myself.

I praise God that the pronouncement of Jesus Words over my life brought healing and salvation. And the same grace that brought me a new condition also enables me to live for Him and sin no more.

There’s beauty beyond the excuses for you too. God will do the same supernatural work for you. He doesn’t love the lame man in John 5 or me any more than He loves you. He shows no partiality. His grace knows no distinction.

Many Bible students agree that five is the number most often connected with grace. This text from John 5 tells us about a place with five porches. Most importantly, Jesus, Who is grace personified, wants your life to be immersed in His healing grace too.

This beautiful story of grace can be your story. How will you respond?

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