Administrator’s Log – June 2018

June, “you still fascinate and inspire me. You influence me for the better.” I know that’s a line that another generation would recognize from country music singer Johnny Cash.

As a month, June has definitely ended up a whole lot different than it began. The span of thirty days unfolded with potential, promise, and prophetic fulfillment.

Friday and Saturday (June 1 & 2) were wonderfully busy. Lisa and I hosted #EveryChurchMatters, our 2018 continuing education seminar for the CHC, Inc. Pastor Karl Vaters from California was our guest speaker. He blessed our church leaders and pastors with some of the most practical teachings they’ve ever received that applies to their ministries.

Sunday morning (June 3), found us in route to Sylacauga, AL. At New Vision CH Church, I was the invited speaker for their Homecoming service. It was a good day of ministry filled with blessings.

The following Wednesday started our annual summer CHC youth camp travels. I drove to Elgin, SC to be with our East Carolina District Youth Camp. After spending the night at Christian Heritage Church, I returned home on Thursday.

Friday, June 8 was our 27th wedding anniversary! And then on Saturday, we began an exciting week.

We arrived in Pensacola, FL on Saturday (June 9) and stayed in that area until Thursday afternoon (June 14). I treated this trip as (CHC) vacation days from Mission USA. This trip though was for the purpose of pastoral candidating with Harvest Christian Center in Cantonment, FL. A few Sunday evenings before, we met in a video session with the church transition team. We met with some of the staff on Saturday (June 9) for a tour of the facilities. And on Sunday morning, I preached the morning sermon. We followed up that morning worship service with another meeting with the transition team. On Tuesday morning of that week, we were blessed to participate in working with the HCC food pantry volunteer team. Groceries were unloaded, organized, and food boxes were made up for Thursday distribution. For the HCC Wednesday evening service, I was found guilty of teaching and preaching. And we finished up our time with Harvest by volunteering with the outreach ministry of the food bank. About 111 boxes of groceries were distributed which represents over 300 people being fed that week.

Upon leaving Cantonment, we drove to Deatsville, AL for our South Alabama District Youth Camp. After that visit, we drove home late that Thursday night (June 14). We worked the next couple of days from home.

On Sunday morning (June 17), we were blessed to be able to worship with Christ Chapel (Zebulon). It was the first time in too long of a period that I was able to be in a Father’s Day worship service with all three of my children.

Monday morning (June 18) was a return to the youth camp travels. We attended the North Alabama District Youth Camp in Piedmont, AL from Monday evening through Tuesday afternoon. We drove back home that evening and attended the Central Georgia District Youth Camp.

Wednesday morning (June 20), we left out for the West Carolina District Youth Camp in Shingle Hollow, NC. We lodged in Rutherfordton overnight and drove from there back to Cleveland, GA on Thursday morning. We attended the Thursday afternoon (June 21) and evening services at the North Georgia Youth Camp. Afterward, we made late night rainy drive home.

For the next couple of days, we worked at home and caught up on errands. I even repaired our leaking refrigerator on Saturday (June 23). Living Waters CH Church was where we spent our Sunday morning (June 24) worship service time.

It was during Sunday lunch (June 24) that we received the phone call that confirmed our call from God to relocate and pastor Harvest Christian Center in Cantonment, FL. Therefore, on Monday morning (June 25) my resignation from Mission USA became official. The reception of this resignation by Bishop Hanson began a grace-filled transition which will continue through Tuesday, July 31.

On Tuesday evening (June 26), we were able to attend the community Mt. Gap Camp Meeting in Thomaston, GA. Thursday (June 28) found us back on the road to Cedar Bluff, AL for a short visit with Lisa’s mom. And while we were in that area, we attended the Thursday night camp meeting service of the Alpha (PH) Conference. We finished out the week by returning to Cantonment, FL on Saturday (June 30) for house shopping.

For those who are curious and have questions about the transition that my family is in the midst of, please feel free to direct message me or email me.

Now you see why June was a month that ended up a whole lot different than it began. By this time next year, you can come and visit this pastor in the Florida panhandle on your way to the beach.

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