The Immortality of Influence

When I initially began this site, I had an additional motive that I didn’t share publicly. Of course, my aim was and continues to help people as I share from a different perspective. However, my unspoken goal was to provide ongoing means of teaching my children. This ministry blog is another tool for them to continue to learn and grow in the faith of their father.-absolutely_free_photos-original_photos-isolated-stone-cross-1280x1920_14077

Also, if I should receive an early check out of this temporary residence and move on to my permanent home, this site could serve as a memorial. And herein is the point of this sermon for your Saturday. This message speaks to us about the immortality of influence.edited lightstock_336571_full_william

If you follow this blog carefully, then you might recognize the content. The blog post entitled, “4 Thoughts From a Dead Man Who Is Abel to Speak” encapsulated these thoughts. However, this is the full sermon version.

I look a bit tired on this recording. So, I will confess that I had eight hours of car travel before making this church visit in Dillon, South Carolina on November 19, 2017. The Dillon CH Church and staff are always gracious hosts.

23843356_10213072486744426_2776430074928556849_nThank you, Pastor John Bryant, for the privilege to speak to your congregation. Pastor John Bryant (on your left in this photo) is one of my friends who is living his life in such a manner that his influence will be felt for generations to come.

Thank you, Rev. James Bryant (Associate Pastor), for recording and making this sermon available. May your talents and kind spirit continue to bless the Kingdom of God.

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