Pastor to Pastor: A Word for Overcomers

It’s December and the second Saturday of the month. That means it is time for a guest post and today we add another installment to our Pastor to Pastor series. If you are a pastor and would like to be featured in a future Pastor to Pastor installment, please contact me here for information on how to make a submission. There’s a form at the bottom of that page that once submitted, will go directly to my private email account.Winters

You are about to read the reader’s digest version of a church planter. Matthew Winters is a young man with a great heart for ministry. He loves sharing the love of Christ by serving others. Matthew and Jennifer are residents of Seneca, South Carolina. Contact him on Facebook for more information on Overcomers Church. Also, be sure to check out his blog, the Comeback Pastor.

Overcomers Church is a non-denominational church located in Walhalla, South Carolina. We began meeting in a museum event room on January 29, 2017, and have moved to a new temporary location on November 5.

Overcomers is a twenty-year-old dream that became a reality early this year. What I envisioned after surrendering to the call to preach in 2017 is vastly different from what Overcomers is. Overcomers was born as a result of God’s call to reach the lost, unchurched, and de-churched of our area. Many people have been hurt by church politics (myself included), and God led us to be a Christ-centered church without the trappings of political agendas.Overcomers Church

Since January, God has honored our vision to reach those not affiliated with a particular church. We are reaching those who are far from God or who have been marginalized because of ethnicity, tattoos, piercings, or anything that is culturally unacceptable in many churches. At Overcomers, they find love, community, and they hear the Gospel. While we are relaxed in our approach, we are uncompromising in our biblical mission and the communication of biblical truth.

We currently average twenty to twenty-five in our worship services with adults primarily in their thirties and at least half of our crowd being under the age of eighteen. People are coming alive and grasping the truth of Scripture. It is a joy to see God honor this, although we waited almost twenty years to see it become a reality.

When we tell our community that ALL are welcome to worship with us, we really mean it. We have a vision for ALL ethnic groups of ALL ages praising God under one roof. We are more concerned about your future than your past. Our doors and arms are open to everyone. Because we want every individual to be at home in God’s presence, we maintain a casual and engaging atmosphere. If you’re ever in our area, or maybe you know someone that lives in our region, consider this a personal invitation. Overcomers

Please pray for the ministry of Overcomers Church. While we are meager in our resources, our people understand the importance of serving the Lord, and we are seeing God meet our needs. There is more to be done, but God will pay for what He has ordered. Please pray specifically that souls will be saved, follow through in baptism, and grow as devoted disciples of Christ.

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