Administrator’s Log – September 2017

“Well, I started out traveling for the Lord many years ago…” and in my journey, I’ve never been bored while serving Him. At the end of tomorrow (9/30), I will have completed six full years as the CHC Mission USA Administrator. It’s been a challenge, to say the least, but let me add that it has been quite an educational trek as well.-absolutely_free_photos-original_photos-highway-to-anywhere-1440x2160_15187

It’s the end of the month and once again I need to log in our ministry activities. Of course, most of you understand that I cannot tell it all. But for accountability sake to those who pray for and support my office, I like to summarize the month.

As every September does, we began with a holiday weekend. On Friday (9/1) I worked some from home and had a lunch meeting. That evening, I drove to the ATL Airport to retrieve Bishop Hanson and Rev. Poole from their brief out of the country trip. Saturday was one of those catch-up on chores at home days visiting with family Jeremy and Brittany Monteleone. Sunday morning (9/3) found us visiting with Chosen CH Church of Thomaston, Georgia. And since Monday was Labor Day, we spent three hours detailing Lisa’s van and then I spent the afternoon with Caleb.

The following Saturday (9/9) we were blessed to spend precious time in brunch fellowship with Rev. Scotty and Redenna Poole. Then for the afternoon, we attended a group gathering of Christian food, fun, and fellowship as guests of Bishop Charles and Susan Hanson at their residence. On Sunday morning (9/10) we drove to Colbert, Georgia to worship with Word of Life CH Church and Pastor Herman Nation. It was a blessing to share about Mission USA with this congregation and provide the morning sermon. There was a sweet spirit of prayer among this receptive congregation.

The following work week was minimal and strangely different due to the irate nature of one described as Irma. On Wednesday evening (9/13), we attended Living Waters CH Church. Thursday morning found me in session with the Pentecostal Ministerial Fellowship as final details were put in place for the regional camp meeting. We worked from home on Friday morning (9/15) and then left to drive to Millry, Alabama for weekend lodging courtesy of New Bethel Holiness Church and Pastor Phillip Stanley.

Most of Saturday (9/16) was spent in Mississippi as we visited the site of a new CHC plant, Hope Outreach CH Church, in Mount Olive. Then, we met in Hattiesburg with the church planting family that will lead this work, Rev. David and Melinda Brewer. Over a late lunch, we were able to assess their efforts and encourage their next steps. For Sunday morning (9/17) worship time, we were blessed to visit with The Lighthouse Church and Pastor David Smith, in Ellisville, Mississippi. And we returned to Millry, Alabama where I preached the evening worship service at New Bethel Holiness Church.

Monday morning (9/18) found us traveling hard back to Griffin. Why so hard? We needed to get ready to leave out again. And on Tuesday morning we left to drive to Chattanooga, Tennessee and spend some time with our children, Brittany and Jeremy Monteleone. I had promised to repair his car for his birthday and we also enjoyed an evening meal. After crashing at their place overnight, we got up on Wednesday morning and drove up to Pigeon Forge to be in attendance for our Joint Church Leadership Conference. Caleb stayed there and enjoyed some time with his big sister.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Joint CLC and the main track speaker, Pastor Jim Cymbala. On Thursday night, I was in attendance for our CHC General Committee meeting.  Leaving the CLC event after its conclusion on Friday (9/22), we drove to Cedar Bluff, Alabama for a brief visit with Lisa’s mother and to pick up Caleb. Caleb and Brittany had driven from Chattanooga to Cedar Bluff to visit with their grandmother. After a stop in Cedartown for a quick supper, we arrived back here at Mission Circle at about 9:30pm.

As you can imagine, we stayed home for most of Saturday and rested some from being on the road. Sunday morning (9/24) found us in route to Murrayville, Georgia. There, we connected with Hayward and Donna Clark and we all attended morning worship service at Welcome Worship Center (near Dahlonega) with Pastor Jimmy Peck. After lunch, we spent the afternoon with them and returned to Griffin for a later supper with our children, Will and Alex Strickland.

I worked from home all day Monday (9/25) because I didn’t feel well. On Tuesday evening, we attended the Pentecostal Ministerial Fellowship Camp Meeting. But, I left the service early. On Wednesday morning, Lisa twisted my arm and took me to the local walk-in clinic. After three weeks of symptoms, I suppose it was time to see if medical science had any valuable input. Jesus is my healer and he never condemned the use of medical science. Luke, the physician, was one of His greatest allies.

Today, I’m working from home – reading, writing, and studying. Tomorrow (9/30) I get to have lunch with a dear friend in the ministry. Afterwards, me, Lisa, and Caleb are headed up to Shingle Hollow, North Carolina. We get to start out October in our West Carolina District.

As with each month, office hours and countless planning sessions were completed. I also count it a joy to stay in communication with pastors, ministers, and other church leaders that I get to serve each month.

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