Who Touched Me?

14009894_10154604087992122_809658530_nI know you’ll enjoy these brief thoughts written a couple of weeks ago by Lisa, my girlfriend, and bride of over 25 years. Through Scripture, the Lord speaks to her on a regular basis and fuels her faith. What a blessing it is to have a prayerful wife who starts her days in the light of His word!

My early morning started off like most weekday mornings, with some Bible reading and coffee. During the latter part of the morning, I was walking on our at-home treadmill and reading a book called, Unashamed, by Christine Caine. The passage of Mark 5:25-28 was in the chapter I was reading. Then it happened, the Lord touched me with His encouraging word.

absolutely_free_photos-original_photos-number-on-road-surface-5184x3888_62056Mark tells us about the woman with the issue of blood. This lady was made to feel shame and humiliation for the problems she had. For 12 years, she had struggled with this issue. Personally, I’m not sure how she was even able to get up from her sickbed. She couldn’t be around anyone and spent her days stuck off in a room to herself. She probably hadn’t been outside in quite some time, but she had overheard others say that Jesus was in town. She knew that He had healed many people of other illnesses and somehow, her confidence grew until she knew that if she could just get to Him, she would be healed too. The more I meditate about this lady, the more I thank God for Jesus.
I read about the garments that the men of that day wore. They had a special fringe at the bottom, called “Tzitzit.” This special garment was very important and only the immediate family was to touch the garment. If someone else touched it, it could be ugly for them. However, this lady with her blood issue was willing to be shamed even more. Her confidence appears like a word of knowledge from above that if she could just touch the hem or fringe of Jesus garment, she knew that she would be made whole. She was absolutely correct. She had faith to believe and she received her healing that day.
When Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” she could have slipped away into the crowd. Instead, she instead went and told Him all that was wrong with her. He called her “daughter.” She was accepted into the family of God that day and totally healed of her issue as Jesus confirmed, “Your faith has made you whole.” She had been called so many things, but being called daughter was worth it to her. Jesus gave her a new identity and took away all her shame.
If you need a healing and shame removal, reach out and touch Jesus. He is a healer and a shame remover. He will touch you and you can become a child of God. I’m so glad to be a daughter in the family of God. By faith, I reached out and touched Jesus and His encouraging words continue to touch me. Isn’t He wonderful!

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