The Failure of False gospels

Across America, people are being led astray by a false gospel.

The problem is that false gospels set us up for failure. Before you hear me out on that serious note, let me remind you of our mixtape focus.

This One Hit Wonders series has taught us tremendous life lessons from Philemon, 2nd John, and 3rd John. We’ll fast-forward today to the one-chapter book of Jude for The Failure of False gospels (all four messages in this series are available for listening to at this YouTube link).

We’ve reviewed some fun lists of OHWs. This last group contains timeless Pop Music. These artists have been forgotten, but their music remains recognizable.

1) Our first hit was released in 1961. There are countless covers of this song, but a group known as The Tokens was the first to top the charts with it. I’m sure you know, “in the jungle,” The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
2) This song was released in 1969 by a group called Steam. It’s still mockingly used in sports settings all over the country. Its opening line taunts, “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey goodbye.” The actual title is Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.
3) In 1976, the Starland Vocal Band told us about skyrockets in flight with their easy-listening tune called Afternoon Delight.
4) This 1981 release from Tommy Tutone caused everyone to memorize Jenny’s phone number. Altogether, it was 867-5309.
5) Last on this list, Katrina and the Waves brightened up the mid-80s with their 1985 release Walking on Sunshine.

Just like you might have never heard of some of those recording artists, some people don’t know much about this one-chapter book of the Bible known as Jude. But after today, you’ll be familiar with it as you learn that false gospels set us up for failure.

The Spirit writes through Jude to address the harm done by those who pervert the grace of God and deny the Lordship of Jesus Christ. God’s goal is to keep you from falling for falsehoods. These falsehoods allow people to be their own gods by doing whatever they think is right according to their own eyes. Let’s read Jude (ESV).

Let’s recall the salvation that genuine Christians share.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation of our salvation! He was born of the virgin Mary as the only begotten Son of God and lived a sinless life. He suffered and died for our sins. He was buried, but He rose again on the 3rd day! In resurrected form, He taught His disciples for 40 days and ascended to the right hand of the Father. He is set to return for us on an undisclosed day. His death, burial, and resurrection provide our redemption and reconciliation with God.

Because of this good news, we love, serve, and follow Him. We can have unbroken fellowship with our Heavenly Father because of what Christ has done.

Nevertheless, some have created their own version of the gospel, refusing accountability and submission.

If we don’t have the mindset to “contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered,” we can fall prey to a false gospel.

What is a false gospel?

Any alteration from any source that reinforces sinful attitudes and actions is a false gospel that conflicts with God’s perfect will for us.

1) A gospel of self-first that focuses on my needs and desires above all else is false. The Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). It’s not my will but His will that comes first when we truly follow Christ.

2) A gospel of sexual immorality that says you can do whatever you want with your body is false. The Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that we are bought with the price of His blood, and the Bible teaches us that our bodies are not our own (I challenge you to read 1 Corinthians 6).

3) A gospel that promotes ANY form of racism is a false gospel. Some people think it’s okay to hate someone because their skin is a different color. But God’s salvation is all about grace, not race. The Gospel teaches us that Christ binds us together. He doesn’t tear us apart.

4) A gospel of sectarianism (or denominationalism) tells people that their form of Christianity is the only right one and that they are the only ones going to Heaven. The Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that “all have sinned” (Romans 3:23), and Jesus says to us all, “You must be born again” (John 3:7).

5) A gospel of good works tells people Jesus is only a good teacher who wants us to do good works. In other words, work hard enough, and you’ll earn your spot in Heaven. The Gospel of Jesus Christ tells us first to repent and believe in Him for salvation by grace. Good works are the planned byproduct of our profitable servanthood (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Any gospel that puts you in bondage to sin, self, or Satan is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! And these falsehoods will keep you from experiencing the freedom that can only come when you live surrendered to His Lordship.

You must learn to defend your faith!

This struggle to contend for your genuine faith is a reality. But you can stop trying and start training! Our Spirit-inspired Gospel trains us in righteousness. Studying God’s Word trains us to always win (2 Timothy 3:16).

When the FBI and other agencies train staff to identify counterfeit bills, they are not required to study fake money. Instead, they thoroughly study genuine currency as the best preparation to identify counterfeit money. Our approach as believers should be similar. We need not become experts in false gospels. Our best defense against falsehood is continuously studying the genuine Gospel of Jesus Christ (and its whole New Testament).

You must “contend earnestly for the faith” because false gospels look good. They want you to believe that serving your selfish desires is okay, even if they go against God’s will.

Don’t misunderstand me. Getting saved is easy since Jesus paid it all! But your continuous call is to trade your way of thinking for His way of thinking by knowing His Gospel.

BUT, these 3 prevalent false gospels have hindered our thinking!

1) The false gospel of hedonism leads one to think that God wants me to be happy no matter what. The endless pursuit of pleasure will lead you far away from Christ. It’s not that God doesn’t want you happy. But He’s more concerned with your holiness than your happiness. Godly people are happy when they live by the principles of His Word.

2) The false gospel of monotheism leads one to think they’re okay if they believe in God. “You believe there is one God” (James 2:19). Even the “devils in hell” believe! Faith that doesn’t demonstrate itself through Christ-like behavior is not legitimate faith that follows Christ.

3) The false gospel of nationalism leads one to think God wants me to violently fight to make this a Christian nation. But those who study His Gospel know Jesus says, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight” (John 18:36). Normal political engagement is humble and sacrificial. Christians can be patriotically involved in our political processes. We can pursue justice in the public square without acting like hypocrites who don’t know the Lord. But we must reject the radical nationalism that leads to sin!

Here’s how you contend earnestly for the faith.

Your best defense is to be less concerned with the White House and everyone else’s house and examine your own. Let judgment first begin at the house of God.

1) You must set your soul to knowing and studying the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
2) You must build up your holy faith through prayer.
3) You must keep yourself in the love of God.

While focused on those, please “have mercy on those who doubt.”

But maybe you’re not a practicing Christian. Or perhaps you know you’ve been twisted by a false gospel. I want to help you with that today. Click this link and let me share what it means to be a Christian.

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