L Is Not for Losers

To the uninitiated younger population, it seems ancient.

But to me, it looks more like prime time.

Maybe you’ve witnessed the modern fad of people placing their hand on their own forehead with their fingers in the shape of the letter L. And then they point at another person in a disparaging tone and call them a loser. If you place the symbol on yourself, aren’t you the loser?! Such behavior is ironically backward to me.

What if L is not for losers?

“L” is for lackluster. This adjective means something is dull and that it lacks sheen. Well, no Christian should lead a lackluster life. Jesus tells us to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

“L” is for loquacious. I can only be accused of this on Sundays. It means you talk too much. Your daily word count is so high that the stock market is jealous. An overabundance of words flows over your lips like a waterfall. The wisdom of Proverbs tells us, “In the multitude of words sin is not lacking,
But he who restrains his lips is wise” (10:19). Loquacity is not a quality I want to be known for.

“L” is for lackadaisical. It describes someone careless and lazy. It more literally means to lack enthusiasm or energy. I don’t want to be lackadaisical. If any task is worth doing, I need to do it passionately.

Those are all negatives. But the letter L is actually the beginning of many positives for me.

“L” is for love. Yes, I am loved by God, my wife, and my children. I’m glad about that, and I love them too!

“L” is for last. Sometimes I like to be last. “The last shall be first” (Jesus, Matthew 20:16). So even if I finish last, Jesus and His grace will take care of me.

“L” is for Lisa. She’s the love of my life. Her loveliness and laughter lighten my daily load.

“L” is for lyrics. I like music, and there’s never a day when some song lyrics aren’t rolling through my mind.

“L” is for learning. I’m a student in many ways. As a student of the Bible, I look at Scripture daily. As a student of my wife, I daily behold her beauty. But, the best learning that doesn’t get enough positive press is the education one acquires by evaluated experience.

“L” is for listening. That’s something I need to do better. My family would agree. I confess that my mind usually processes the following three things I might say rather than compassionately listening as I should. I want to spend the rest of my life being a better listener. Specifically, I want to hear better from God. “Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening” (1 Samuel 3:9).

Before you begin thinking this list is going nowhere fast, let me conclude with my last L.

8 year old me

In the system of Roman numerals, L is for 50. According to my birth certificate, today marks my fiftieth trip around the sun while under the power of Earth’s gravity. What a weighty thought!

Today (2/25) is my birthday. I’m officially 50 years old, and I thank God!

50 also means I’m officially Pentecostal (it’s a play on words, lol). I’m ready to live in God’s provided “jubilee.” This decade will be my finest ever.

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