The Weightiness of Preaching

It’s more important than you probably realize.

Why is that?

The eternal souls of men, women, boys, and girls are at stake. Even those who appear to be distracted from listening are watching their pastor’s life.

Good preaching never comes easy.

Satan fights your pastor on preparation. Plus, there are dozens of other distractions that appear to be urgent.

The little foxes spoil the vines (SoS. 2:15). These little foxes represent everything from innocent recreation to major renovations. Even too much of a good thing on a Saturday evening can have a negative impact on Sunday’s spoken ministry. Every little fox must not be pursued. Let them run wild and do what they must or better yet, let someone else pursue them.

It’s a privilege to stand each week in the holy space and time that we describe as a pulpit.

There’s also an obligation to feed them what they need even when it’s not exactly what they want.

As a pastor with a calling for spoken ministry, I know it’s important that I get it right each Sunday. That weight is heavy because I know many of those who listen to me for guidance are not Bible students. In their eyes, I’m a master theologian. Some are naïve enough that they’d believe me even if I got it wrong.

Even when they don’t appreciate the weight of God’s counsel, I must bear its importance. I have to get it right and deliver it with love. People make many life decisions based on the Sunday sermons they hear and apply.

BUT – it’s not all on me.

The One who called me is ever-present to strengthen me. The Holy Spirit has anointed and appointed the foolishness of preaching. So, I rest in this assurance. The Spirit of God is presently working between the pulpit and the pews. He is dealing with souls between the street and the seats.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t always need what I think is my absolute best work to do His best work. His power to save, heal, and transform lives transcends my giftedness or lack thereof.

The burden and privilege of preaching the Gospel and teaching the counsel of God’s Word are weighty indeed. However, pastor, we never have to shoulder this alone. Our responsibility is to be faithful. And lean into His faithfulness.

“God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord” (1 Corinthians 1:9).

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