5 Reasons Why I Write

Why do you do the things you do?

I believe motivations are important. The right reasons are fuel for long-term success in any endeavor.

Why do I write and maintain this site? It started with a simple desire to share my thoughts. Immediately, I found cathartic value in sharing with unknown faces beyond my spoken ministry.

In no particular order, here are 5 quick reasons followed by a short explanation. There are more than these 5, but these are my major motivators.

  1. God called me to do this.

    I sensed the specific leading of the Holy Spirit to start blogging. I prayed about it for a few months before pulling the trigger. I hesitated because I didn’t have the needed skills. But I obeyed by faith, and God helped me understand the available resources.

  2. I believe I have content worth sharing.

    So, I write. It is thrilling when words are flowing faster than I can type. When I’m clacking the keys, and the inspiration keeps coming, it’s so enjoyable (but it’s not always easy). The more mature I grow and experienced I become, the more confident I am that I have content worth sharing. There are currently over 300 entries here, and many people have found some of them to be quite valuable.

  3. This site is for my children’s sake.

    Within a month of founding this site, I knew my children were a part of my long-term motivation to keep it going. Whether I die next year or decades from today, I want my children to know what their dad believes and understand my heart. Even though the content is online, I plan to leave this behind for them. It brings joy to my heart to think of them as walking and living these Christian truths.

  4. I like helping other pastors and ministry leaders.

    When this first started, I served as a denominational executive, and pastors’ developmental needs burdened my heart. As well, I’ve known for a long time that God has called me to teach and train other church leaders. By writing, I’m able to do that more effectively. Frequently, a few pieces I’ve written speak to similar questions that others are asking. Also, for myself and other preachers, many pieces here serve as sermon starters. They should be used for the glory of God. Add your creativity and let Christ be glorified as you feed His sheep.

  5. I write to evangelize and disciple.

    Over 80% of America and over 40% of the world are online. Over 70% of the U.S. population has a social media profile. What better place could I find to reach non-Christians and thoughtfully teach other members of the body of Christ? Plus, writing helps me reach my community and congregation in their daily lives. It’s a joy to point others to the true works of Jesus’ redeeming grace and then come alongside them so we can grow in His grace and knowledge. Locally and globally, the wisdom of online evangelism and discipleship is here to stay.

This site debuted with my first blog on October 7, 2015, and I’ve learned a lot since then. It’s caused me to grow, and I pray it’s a continued blessing for you. I also pray that something you’ve read on this site has motivated you to acts of love and good works.

Now, just in case you thought I was making loads of money doing this. I’m not. I haven’t run ads or charged for any content. I’m not opposed to doing that, but for now, it continues to be an investment of my time and available resources. But I wouldn’t turn down any investment you’d like to make to keep this facet of my ministry thriving. Send me a private message, and I’ll send you a safe link with instructions on how you can give. Remember the word of the Lord Jesus, that He said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Write

  1. I can echo most of those points, William. Perhaps not no.4 as I am not a pastor. It was my son (who is a pastor) who encouraged me to start publishing posts, but it has always been God pushing me along, with the current prompt being to ‘tell my story.’ Like you I view writing in this way an investment of time and use of what God has given me in being able to write, remember, etc. not to mention the experiences He has allowed me to have and use in my writing.

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