5 Amazing Facts about God’s Grace

Much is said about grace in our Christian Church circles.

However, even with an abundance of usage, I don’t believe it’s permeated our practical theology. The daily waking, working, and walking about the everyday life of Christians needs more grace-consciousness.

What is grace? Well, God’s grace is amazing. But we need more explanation.

I picked up this acrostic description in my studies a decade or two ago, and I can’t recall the source. Taking each letter of the word (GRACE), it is God’s riches at Christ’s expense. That is an excellent understanding of the New Testament teaching.

“All the blessings which God hath bestowed upon man are of his mere grace, bounty, or favour” (John Wesley). Indeed, we are wealthily blessed with every spiritual blessing because of the sinless life, vicarious death, and victorious resurrection of our gracious Savior, Jesus Christ.

Fundamental theology taught me grace as God’s unmerited favor. That means He gives it out of His loving kindness even though we did nothing to earn it. We all know that we certainly don’t deserve His grace.

That’s enough about defining God’s grace! Let’s meditate more about this love and mercy which He pours upon His people every day.

What does God’s grace look like in action? What does the Bible say His grace is doing?

Here are 5 amazing facts about God’s grace.

1) We certainly must confess. By grace, we are saved. Ephesians 2:8-9 makes His grace clear.

2) Having been justified, we’re on new ground. By grace, we can stand. Romans 5:1-2 clarifies our access.

3) As a means of practical holiness, we are instructed. By grace, we are taught to live sanctified. Titus 2:11-13 appears.

4) In this Christ-life, we help one another. By grace, we are gifted to serve. Romans 12:3-8 explains our grace gifts.

5) Daily, we are dependent upon Him for strength. By grace, we find sufficiency. 2 Corinthians 9:8 & 12:9 empower us.

One modern antithesis of grace has found much traction in social media. “Karma” is what people keep trying to insist on. Friend, if you are a Christian, you have no business focusing on that concept or throwing that worldly word around. Karma is a concept derived from the false eastern religions of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Grace is BETTER. Grace is such GOOD NEWS!

In place of Karma, I challenge you to go back and click the links in this post. Spend some time meditating on these factual verses about God’s grace in action. Confess them aloud and increase your faith. Thank God for His amazing grace poured out on you. Now encourage yourself by singing a spiritual song or hymn about His grace.

The truth is that this one word encapsulates the Gospel of Jesus Christ. GRACE! When the Apostle Paul was making his farewell speech to the Ephesian elders, he described the totality of His ministry as “the Gospel of the grace of God” (Acts 20:24).

I doubt that I fully understand this crucial topic. What little I perceive about grace teaches me that it is exceedingly abundantly more than I can comprehend. I think that only in Heaven will I be able to fully understand all the miraculous facts of God’s amazing grace.

Aren’t you grateful for the grace of God?!

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