4 Encouraging Thoughts for Pastors

There have been a few books in my life that I just couldn’t put down once I started reading.

About a dozen years ago, I was reading such a book. The author, Pastor Ronnie Floyd, wrote a marvelous short book about pastors. I was mesmerized as he must have read my mind. He encapsulated and put better words to many thoughts I had shared for a few years.

The following four paragraphs are excellent thoughts from Dr. Ronnie Floyd.

  • “Many could do high and great things in the world, but they could not get away from the powerful call of God. In fact, even though they honor the office of the President of the United States, most believe that it would be a step down from their God-ordained calling, serving as a local church Pastor, for them to serve as President. I love and believe in Pastors because they are giving their lives to make a difference for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The vast majority of these men of God are highly committed to advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
  • “Pastors are giving their lives to make a difference. Whether a Pastor is bi-vocational or able to serve a church full-time; whether a Pastor leads a small membership church or a large membership church, I have never, and I mean never, met a Pastor who did not want his life to count greatly for God. Oh yes, a few may have lost their spark due to the trials of life or the torrential waters of local church ministry, but the vast, vast majority are men who want to make a difference with their lives.”
  • “The office of the Pastor is a holy office. While men come and go, the office of the Pastor remains. Regardless of the man who serves presently or the men who will follow him, it is the office that deserves our commitment. God has ordained the office of the Pastor-Teacher to have a spiritual leader who leads God’s people into the likeness of Jesus Christ. From his role as servant and leader, he is to lead with humility, grace, and dignity. He is both responsible and accountable for the spiritual development of the church, the people of God.”
  • “If you are a Pastor: Believe in other Pastors. Encourage them. Love them. Accept them. Refuse to criticize them. Humble yourself to learn from them. Learn to rejoice with them. Weep with them. Pastors need other Pastors as friends – personal friends, not just colleagues. If you are a church member: Love your Pastor. Accept your Pastor. Pray for your Pastor. Encourage your Pastor. Honor your Pastor. Stand with your Pastor.”

I have a final word for all my pastoral peers, friends, and those who are soon to be called. You are not alone. The One who calls you lives. As well, there are many other fine pastors among us who are there to mentor and encourage you in your calling to make a difference in God’s Kingdom. Hold your head up high and stay encouraged.

Thank you, God, for the many people who support and guide me on my Christian journey. Amen.

P.S. – Dr. Floyd is from a different Protestant theological background than myself. Yet, I still appreciate his perspective on pastoral ministry. I don’t have to be 100% in agreement with an author on every point to appreciate the value they bring.

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