My Pastoral Response

This is my pastoral response in light of the current pandemic of fear.

In light of this week’s events, I find it necessary to address our congregation and community at large.

Be advised that for the foreseeable future, we plan to continue with our regular schedule of gatherings with no cancellations. I do, however, desire to share the following counsel.

As with any virus or other contagious sickness, I advise each family and household to walk by faith, rely on wisdom, and practice good personal hygiene.

Be a person of faith in prayer. The miracle-working power of God has not changed. Jesus Christ is a Savior and healer. Multitudes have been recipients of His grace. Pray and trust the One who has proved Himself faithful.

If you have had a fever, cough, and or body aches within a day or two of any scheduled on-campus gathering, you should not attend our in-person meetings. Wisdom says you should not risk spreading any virus you might have.

For personal hygiene matters, be clean at home and in public places. Rest assured, our campus facilities are cleaned and disinfected on a thorough basis as a part of our regular custodial maintenance. While on campus for our services and gatherings, it is your choice regarding how you interact with others. If you choose not to shake hands or hug necks, that’s understandable.

As our church continues to grow, we see God reaching our world. He is using us to make a difference in the lives of many people and families. Every week, we are loving others into His Kingdom as we welcome home every man, woman, boy, and girl you invite. So let us hold on and continue to use our influence for righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Pastor William Strickland
Lead Pastor, Harvest Christian Center

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