It’s That Day Again

The older I get, the more strange this day seems.

It’s the third day of the week, usually spoken of as twosday. If two gets its own day of the week, why isn’t tomorrow known as threesday?! And why wasn’t yesterday called onesday?!

If the word puns haven’t caused you to click away yet, let me be clear. It’s that day of the year when many will offer kind wishes and generally display goodwill toward me. They say it’s my birthday.

Many insist on helping me celebrate the anniversary of an event for which they were not present. Were you in the room when it happened? Okay then, how do you know that this is the day that it happened?!

Today supposedly marks the anniversary date of my birth. But I have no memories of this event. In fact I know of no one alive today who was there and could corroborate this experience.

It supposedly happened in Pueblo, Colorado. However, I have no remembrance of such a place. Again, no one can verify the location of my birth event.

If we were talking about my children, I could discuss their details with firsthand knowledge. So can my wife. We were both in the room when it happened. We know the exact place and day of their arrival.

But I’m not talking about those precious arrivals. This is about the supposed anniversary of my escape from my mother’s womb. It’s all based on hearsay. Well, there is this one little piece of legally admissible evidence, known as a birth certificate.

One thing is sure. I’m here by God’s grace. So, I might as well make the most out of this life that God gave with my conception. My life has a purpose, and God has a plan for the remainder of my days.

Death is also certain. No one but God knows how many more birthdays I’ll observe. So pass me some homemade cookies or maybe a slice of cake before I start to shed some of these pounds I’ve enjoyed gaining (I’ve gained too much weight since the day I was born)!

Stop groaning and rolling your eyes. What if they get stuck that way?! No one made you read this.

Thank you for bearing with this nonsensical sharing. You’ve just been subjected to my fifth annual birthday blog.

Now carry on and enjoy the rest of your birthdays.

2 thoughts on “It’s That Day Again

  1. When I read this post early this morning, I thought about the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” George Bailey had the opportunity to see how different life would have been in Bedford Falls had he not been there. We don’t get to do that in real life.

    Birthdays are a great time of reflection. So many times, I think about what I have failed to accomplish in my years here on earth. Of course, this is wrong thinking. We should be considering what we can get done for the Kingdom with the time that we have left. I know that you will do just that.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the difference that you have made in so many lives. You pastored in Alabama, you lived and worked in Georgia, and are now pastoring in Florida. However, your ministry has touched lives far and wide. I am sure that it will continue to do so for many years to come. Let our Heavenly Father count the wins and losses.

    Blessings, my friend, and Happy Birthday!

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