My Fab Five

Do you remember the Fab Five?

In my teenage years, I was a basketball junkie. I watched and played it nearly every single day of my life. Basketball is my favorite sport.

If you don’t like the sport or have never had any interest in it, then you probably don’t recognize the Fab Five reference.

The Fab Five, as they were known, were student-athletes for Michigan Wolverines men’s Basketball team. They dominated the news cycle for most of the early 1990s. This was due to their fabulous skills and to the seemingly endless controversy that surrounded them on and off the court.

No worries, this post really isn’t about basketball. This is about My Fab Five. I’m not sure about their fabulous status, because that’s actually for you to judge. But out of my top ten most-read pieces for 2019, these five are my favorites.

I’m listing them in the order they were published, and not in a most to least favorite way.

5 Must-Haves for the Small Church

5 Powerful Words about Hospitality

3 Spiritual Methods for Pastors to Handle Negative People

5 Marks of Culture in Growing Churches

3 Best Practices Every Church Volunteer Should Remember

Out of the 52 short pieces I have published this year on this site, these five have been quite helpful to the local church I serve. Their content actually became or bled into several of my spoken ministry opportunities.

As well, through this platform, I can bless the many readers I’ve met throughout the years. Even more so, most of my readers are people that I’ve never had the privilege to meet face to face. But our mutual faith in Christ has caused us to be spiritually and digitally connected.

Writing helps me to focus and refine my thoughts. And from that perspective, I find it odd that the posts that generate the most online traffic are list posts. It seems that a number in the title and a few well-honed thoughts in the form of 500-600 words are just what my average reader has time to consume.

If you find any value in these linked articles, I’d appreciate you sharing them. I get nothing out of your effort to share my content other than the satisfaction that just maybe I’m able to help someone else. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Maybe one of these years, I will start an audio version. Perhaps a podcast is the next logical investment of my resources. Are podcasts more appealing, or are there two separate niche audiences for written and audio content?

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