4 Steps to Prime Your Prayer Time

Have you ever struggled to start your prayer time?

It’s called by different names. Some Christians call it “my time with Jesus.” Others refer to it as “my quiet time.”

It doesn’t really matter what you call it. Just do it.

It takes place at different times. Some begin their mornings in this manner. For others, it’s the final step before slipping into bed.

It doesn’t really matter when you have it. Just do it.

Early one morning before coffee, this four-step plan came to me rather quickly. It formed and fueled my prayer time.

Because our minds are more fragile in some seasons, prayer is not always easy. Prayer should never be hard for the child of God. After all, it’s just talking to your Father in Heaven. Nevertheless, some days, we struggle.

This four-step acrostic plan is built with the word, PRAY. Each letter represents a step, followed by a brief italicized example.

1. Present yourself to God.
“Father, I’m here in Your presence, and it’s only by Your grace that I slept and woke. I’m Yours God – everything I’ve got, and everything I’m not. I’m Yours, and I present myself to You.”

2. Reflect on the goodness of God and thank Him.
“Oh God, You have been my strength in the years that have passed. I cannot thank You enough for Your goodness shown to me. Day after day, You are faithful! You’ve been faithful to keep Your covenant of grace and every promise You’ve ever made. You are God. You are good. There is no one like You. Your steadfast love is the reason I live and breathe. I could sing of Your love forever, and still fall short of the gratitude You deserve from me. Thank you, my good Abba Father, for being so good to me.”

3. Approach the throne of grace with confidence.
Praise and gratitude have set the stage and you’re ready. So don’t take this grace for granted. Make your requests known to your Father on the throne. Jesus is at His right hand, interceding for you. The Holy Spirit is helping you. Begin to share the most pressing needs of your heart. Get started by thinking about the people, places, and things in your life. I suggest you keep other people first. For privacy’s sake, I’m not sharing a personal example.

4. Yield yourself for His usefulness.
“Lord, I give myself to You. I am Your servant. My life is not my own. Use me today for Your glory. Let me be a part of Your story. With joyful contentment, I will delight to do Your will this day. For this is Your Kingdom. And I yield myself to Your righteousness, peace, and joy. By Your sovereign power, I ask You to use me to glorify my Father in Heaven and the name of Your Son.”

I usually end my personal prayers similar to this: In Jesus’ name, I pray – believing that I can receive. Amen!

Ironically, too many Christians think of prayer as only talking to God. But the best prayer is a conversation.

Listening to God over an open Bible is a best-practice of prayer. It’s the most spiritual thing you can do.

If you don’t already, I encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit to bless you daily with God’s Word. Sometimes, you should even read it aloud to yourself and let its truths settle into your soul. Dwell in a specific chapter and soak in the spoken Word of God. You’ll be surprised how this habit can bring the fire to your prayer life.

Don’t assume everyone you know understands and practices these basics. Please use this article to those with whom you have influence. I didn’t add the multitude of Scripture references. You can help yourself to God’s Word.

6 thoughts on “4 Steps to Prime Your Prayer Time

  1. Excellent acrostic. Thank you! And thank you for your faithfulness in putting these out. I know from experience it’s a hard practice to keep up, but you are blessing people.


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