Your Place in the Kingdom

“Am I the kind of Christian that God expects me to be?”

That convicting thought recently came to my good friend. Once again, I’m pleased to share the thoughts of Bill Davis.

What if everyone in my church or every Christian were like me? Am I the kind of Christian that God expects me to be?

These are the thoughts that I awoke to one morning recently.

I remember an older lady in our church. She used to say that God didn’t give her any gifts. She couldn’t do anything for the kingdom. It was true that she didn’t feel the call to teach or preach. She wasn’t a gifted singer or musician. However, she was an extraordinary cook and had a real flair for hospitality. She had a very narrow view of what constituted a godly gift, and she seemed disappointed that she didn’t have one. 

When I left my secular job, I had a problem telling people that I was “retired.”  If someone asked me what I did, I just about couldn’t say that I was retired.  I’d say that I was unemployed or that I did volunteer work. I’d say almost anything other than “retired.”  It finally dawned on me as I was having a conversation with a friend and was reminded of something a former pastor once said.

He said, “I don’t understand how any minister can retire. If you are called to preach the Gospel, how can you just quit doing it?”

That’s it! As Christians, aren’t we all called to do God’s work? We aren’t all preachers, musicians, singers, or teachers. We can’t all organize youth trips, mission trips, or do crafts for Bible school. However, I am convinced that God does have a place for us to contribute to His Kingdom.

I am convinced that God does have a place for us to contribute to His Kingdom.

Recently, an elder in our congregation said, “I am not able to do ANYTHING that elders are expected to do. I can’t go to the altar to pray for people in need. I can no longer serve communion. I am not able to even be in service every Sunday and Wednesday night. I am just no use to my pastor and my church.”

The pastor wisely thought a moment and replied, “Brother, you are no longer bound by the physical duties that you have tirelessly done for so many years. You have more time to be a warrior of prayer. That is something that our church needs right now. You can pray.”

Of course, we should always be a witness for Christ, but there are many things that we can do for our local church, as well as God’s Kingdom beyond what we typically consider as gifts.  It may be cutting someone’s grass, visiting a shut-in, sending someone an encouraging email or handwritten note, or even sweeping off the walkway at church.  And of course, we can always pray.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.  Matthew 5:16

What is your place in God’s Kingdom? Are you doing what you can to let your light shine and point others to Him?

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