Overcoming My Acceptable Addiction

Who knew something like this was even possible?

It took a genuine move of God. It was born out of consistent conviction and the grace-filled persuasion of the Holy Spirit.

What in the world of my life am I talking about? I’ll try to explain even though I’m still in shock about it.

Throughout my adult life, I have struggled to exercise consistent discipline over the quantity and quality of my food choices. As a matter of biblical fact, I have sinned against my body and soul through gluttony and poor nutrition.

I also confess that this has not been due to ignorance. Most of my poor habits have been practiced by placing my mind in neutral. With indifference, I found it easy to silence the voice of reason with another cookie or some other sugar-filled treat.

It’s all my fault. However, I will share this observation. Popular American culture and too much of American Church culture has made this way too acceptable. We’ve normalized poor nutrition and minimalized the need for physical exercise.

About seven weeks ago, it happened. There was a giant in my life. It was threatening my life and influencing my daily decisions. I had just completed preaching preparation for a Sunday morning message on David and Goliath, and its profound symbolism.

This time was different. All of my usual excuses were gone like a freight train. And to top it all off, God set me up by having my spouse in full support.

In an epiphany like experience, I looked at Lisa that Sunday night and said, “Well, I guess I know what my giant is.” Within a few minutes, the mutual challenge was on. We agreed that for the next 30 days we would eat as close as we possibly could to a whole food plant-based plan.

It’s become crystal clear. I was addicted to white sugar, along with other unpronounceable chemicals and preservatives. Toward the end of the first week of abstaining, I experienced withdrawal symptoms with my body in full resistance. But I’m in remission, and I can see clearly now.

We have recently passed the thirty-day mark. That’s over 30 days of eating natural and wholesome foods. We’ve enjoyed so many good vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, whole grains, and sprouted grain bread (Ezekiel). We’ve done our best to not eat any meats, animal products, dairy, white sugar added products, and other sweetened foods.

This is a big deal for me because I’m an original picky eater. I dislike most green foods like lettuce, cabbage, and the assortment of leafy grass items described as greens. My green foods of choice are green beans, cooked bell pepper, dill pickles, and fried okra.

The benefits are daily. I have consistent energy throughout my day without those post-meal sluggish periods. My mental clarity is sharper with much less of the fog that sometimes haunted my mind. Emotionally speaking, I’ve been more even keel with fewer bouts of stress-induced worry and anxiety.

We’ve both lost a little weight too. I needed to do that anyway. That means my clothes are fitting better. In essence, I feel more whole than I have in a long time. I even believe that spoken ministry is easier than it was before this challenge.

Will we ever go back to eating those other foods again? Even though they have lost their addictive control, we will probably consume them again in moderation. In moderation and for special occasions, we have no beef with slaying the fatted calf or taking the little piggie to the market for some fresh bacon.

My goal is to finish well. At the end of my life, I don’t want to be known as the pastor with an obsession of cookies or the preacher who couldn’t eat enough bacon. I want to have an eternal impact for Jesus’ sake. I’d rather leave behind a legacy that highlights my passion for God’s Word, a love for others, and a family that continues in this path.

Have I provoked your curiosity? Do you have questions or concerns? I’ll be glad to discuss them. Rest assured, I have nothing to sell you.

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