7 Ways You Can Help with Easter Sunday

Today is Good Friday. “Tetelestai!”

As of the time of me writing to you, there are about 48 hours before your Sunday morning worship service.

Many churches have invested lots of effort into the Easter Sunday morning services. At my church, our staff and wonderful volunteers have been working tirelessly for months. By faith, personal invitations have been extended, and many advertisements have been put in place.

Over the years, I’ve read many versions of what I’m about to list out. Actually, a mass email with this list is about to hit the inboxes of all those who are connected with my pastorate. So, just in case you need to know what else you can do to help with your Sunday services, consider this list.

  1. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest, believing for many people to come to faith in Christ after hearing the good news message of Jesus Christ. Salvation for every unsaved individual is our number one goal!
  2. Plan to be there and invite someone to come with you. The celebration won’t be complete without you, your family, and your friends.
  3. Park as far away as possible so you can leave the best parking lot spaces closest to the worship center entrances available for guests, senior adults, and those with special needs.
  4. Provide a friendly smile and greet everyone you see whether you know them or not. Introduce yourself and if they appear to need direction, gently offer to take them where they need to go.
  5. Pick a seat as near to the front of your worship sanctuary as possible. First-time guests are usually more comfortable in the rows closest to the lobby. Where you choose to sit speaks volumes.
  6. Participate wholeheartedly in the worship service. Prove to everyone present that Jesus is your Lord by giving Him the worship that He deserves.
  7. Pause toward the end of the service. Please don’t leave until the final amen is said. If you leave early, you could disturb how the Spirit of God is dealing with a soul who needs His grace and salvation.

These measures are necessary because most guests will make up their mind about your church within their first few minutes on your campus. That means the first impression is made before they ever hear the the music and the message.

Genuine Christian hospitality prepares the way for your guests to have the best possible worship experience.

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