Your BLESSED Life Now

Over the last two weeks, there’s been a whole lot of sharing taking place.

However, this has not been the right kind of sharing that we learned to do as toddlers. This has been the sharing of viruses and such. I don’t believe I’ve had the flu, but this makes the second consecutive week that I’ve had at least two days of not being able to function at full capacity.

I’m taking those OTC meds which give you that constant mental fog. In my part of the world, we’ve been seeing visible pollen on our cars since the last week in January.

In this space, I usually write 500 – 700 words worth of devotional or address church leaders with encouragement and admonition. But this week, I decided to simply give you a sermon.

“Your BLESSED Life Now” is the most recent message preached from the Harvest Christian Center pulpit. It’s a simple message from the six verses of Psalm 1.

This sermon portion of the video begins at about 28 minutes in. You’ll need about 35 minutes to hear the entire message.

Here’s the text from Psalm 1 for you to click over and read for yourself.

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