2 Simple Steps to Better Health

Why should any Christian want to be in better health?

I can’t answer that question for every Christian. I can explain it for myself because I am 100% responsible for my health.

My motivation for desiring to be in better health is as straightforward as you might expect. I want to give God my best service. The Lord deserves my best, and for God to get the most glory, my service for Him must be the best that I can provide.

J. Oswald Sanders writes the following in Spiritual Leadership: “Those who rebel against authority and scorn self-discipline – who shirk rigors and turn from the sacrifices – do not qualify to lead. Many who drop out of ministry are sufficiently gifted, but have large areas of life floating free from the Holy Spirit’s control. Lazy and disorganized people never rise to true leadership.”

Anytime I am carrying too much weight and in poor lung capacity, I know it in my speaking ministry. It’s glaringly apparent when my thoughts aren’t clearly expressed, and my voice feels weak.

Has anyone ever bluntly told you that you’re getting fat? I’m experiencing some negative flashbacks as I write. Usually, I’m quick-witted enough to say something like, “I never would have known that if you hadn’t told me.” Or, “thanks for your help. How did you know my bathroom mirrors were all broken?” If I’m walking humbly enough, I might just agree and ask the individual for prayer.

The over-enjoyment of food and routine exercise avoidance is common in many Christian circles. The extreme practices of laziness and gluttony are rarely thought of as a sin by most people.

I was reared in an American culture that taught me to do whatever feels right and just have it your way. But that’s no excuse. As a Christian, I can, and I should, do better.

My lack of great health has never been a lack of knowledge. It’s that I sometimes fail to consistently practice the right disciplines.

What are those disciplines? It’s never been complicated for me. In fact, it might be too simple for you. It’s only two steps.

  1. Eat less.
  2. Move more.

Earth-shattering revelation, huh?! Let me elaborate on those. Eat less for me means to eat less overall calories per day. Move more means that I have to be active throughout the week.

However, I know from experience that I can’t just practice these two for only a few weeks. This has to be a part of my lifestyle.

How will I do it? How have I done it in the past?

I will measure. My manufacturing background taught me this simple principle. You will never improve what you refuse to measure.

So I will measure my intake of calories. And I will measure the physical activity I take each day. Through the Lose It app on my smartphone and the Fitbit device, which stays in my pocket, I already have the right tools.

Laugh at the calorie counters and step counters, if you must. However, I emphatically tell you that if you do not measure the inputs, you’ll never get the desired output. What cannot be measured cannot be managed. You cannot improve what you refuse to measure!

So for the glory of God, I am recommitting to taking better care of this temple. I am responsible to God for this body. And with His help, I can, and I will do better.

Are you okay with the man in the mirror and your current health? The solution for you could be just as simple as it is for me. Eat less. Move more. Use the tools within reach to accomplish better overall health to the glory of God.

4 thoughts on “2 Simple Steps to Better Health

  1. I read your posts William and I am blessed by them, so thank you.

    As far as the weight and the fitness go it gets harder as I get older – now in my early 60s. Like you I use a Fitbit and have done for several years. I am currently running at 16 pounds less than when I began but it is a constant challenge. I’d love to lose a few more pounds. We (my wife and I) try and walk every day – easier in the summer than in the short days of winter.

    But I have often wondered about having a spiritual Fitbit.

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    • Thank you, David, for being a regular reader and for your routine comments.

      That “harder as you get older” part – yeah, I’ve noticed that too. It takes too long to bounce back after a season of unfaithfulness in this realm. I must remember that and not allow myself to go back into those patterns of 3-5 months of slacking off the disciplines.

      I too really dislike short days of winter. For me, the means it’s dark before I can get home from the office. I’m a member of my local Planet Fitness gym again. But if my joints could handle it, I never would have stopped jogging. The constant pain was such a frustration.

      My wife and I have used Fitbit products and the Lose It app for so long that we should get commissions and discounts, lol.

      I moved in August and came off the road from constant travel for ministry. Now, I have about 10 more pounds to get back to comfortability in my all my wardrobe.

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