I’ve Been Waiting

I’ve been waiting until the time was right to make this announcement here on the blog. Because of the nature of public ministry, I needed to cover all the other bases and hold this spot for last.

The news has been made official.

By this time (7/28/2018), everyone in my circle that needs to know is now in the know. And it’s been made Facebook official. Everyone knows, with the possible exception of you.

Beginning in early 2015, my heart began to be stirred back toward the local church pastorate. By the end of that year, through much prayer, I became convinced that I would eventually step away from my current assignment of denominational leadership. The when and the how remained a mystery.ben-white-292680

I believed it would happen.

However, I also knew I needed to continue to be faithful to the work to which God had placed my hands. I understood that waiting on His timing meant I was not to leave my current post until the Lord reassigned me. Though the waiting was not always pleasant, the work done in His name and power has been fruitful. As the old redback hymn says, “I’ve been waiting Lord to go.”

Let me give you a few more details by merely copying the Facebook post that recently went up for our family, friends, and other supporters.

Today, we would like to include our Facebook friends and family in the resignation and reassignment by God’s will that has already been discussed with those to whom we are accountable. Over a lengthy period, I have personally become prayerfully assured that I am no longer the best fit to serve as our organization’s Mission USA Administrator.

With great confidence in God’s timing and plans, our family will be relocating to the local church pastorate. Slightly north of greater Pensacola, Harvest Christian Center is strategically located in Cantonment, Florida. This congregation is already making a difference in their growing area and effective August 1, I’ll begin serving as their new Lead Pastor.

Please pray for us as we continue this grace-filled transition. We pray that our friendships with all of you will grow stronger as together we seek first the Kingdom of God.

If you have any questions regarding our transition, please private message or text one of us, and we will be glad to interact.

For the strengthening of His Church,
William and Lisa Strickland

So after nearly seven years in this assignment, my work and ministry continue to grow and change.

With Spirit-filled courage to embrace the transition, I thank God for the growth and subsequent good that He is working out.lightstock-social-graphic-billy_will

Finally, I might miss a little interaction from this site because of relocating our residence and primary ministry venue about five hours south. However, “after these messages, I’ll be right back.” Meanwhile, I’d appreciate your praying for me to continue abiding in God’s favor.

As always, I’m still available if you need me for anything or just want to talk to a friend. I’ll be keeping the same cell number and email address.

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