What’ll Ya Have, What’ll Ya Have?!

In our area of the southeast, we have a restaurant chain called The Varsity.

They have about eight total locations. In the downtown Atlanta location that I’ve been to a few times, you’re greeted exuberantly as soon as you walk in. If you’re not prepared, it’s shocking to hear “what’ll ya have” shouted at you.


As I frequently read Scripture, I’m overwhelmed at times. It appears that there is so much available for God’s people that we rarely walk in. Each morning, I usually find an individual that is experiencing something in God that I am currently not experiencing.

It appears as though God is asking my hungry soul, “what’ll ya have” and I have a decision to make. I can gloss over the illumination or I can make a notation for later reflection and prayer. As I consider that God shows no partiality, I’m quite sure that I can have more than what I’ve had.

Here are two recent examples of illumination, where I decided to make a note and tell the Lord, I want it too!

dove spirit

According to Daniel 1:9, God granted Daniel “favor and goodwill” through the most influential people in his life. How much more “favor and goodwill” (kindness and compassion), is available to those who are in Christ and filled with His Spirit?!

Because of the favor of God and the subsequent goodwill of others, Daniel became one of the best servant leaders of all time. He held steadfast to his godly convictions, and God used him so much.

Daniel had the favor of God for serving others, and I want it too!


Acts 4:33 says, “And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all.” The normality of a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led church includes witnessing with “great power,” the dynamic power of Jesus Christ.

The power mentioned in this verse is dunamis from the original Greek. It is the root of our English words, dynamic, dynamite, and dynamo. This dunamis describes our power, strength, and ability. Such power-filled witnessing is the evidence that we indeed exist under God’s great grace.

The apostles had the power of God for witnessing, and I want it too!


What about you, my Christian friend? What’ll ya have, what’ll ya have? What in God’s word do you want to experience more of on this journey?

Would you like to join me in praying for more of God’s favor and His Holy Spirit’s power?

5 thoughts on “What’ll Ya Have, What’ll Ya Have?!

  1. this is great! I love the scriptures you used. They give great examples of gifts we can request and claim as we read. I believe he will make them relevant in us!

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