Administrator’s Log – February 2018

February, it’s not you. It’s me. We just can’t be seen together anymore. You’re too short of a month for a man of my years. With each year of my life, you seem to get weirder. Then, there are those particular years when you presume to be a day longer.

February 2018, we are never, ever getting back together. We’re no longer an item. Let me recap the details of our short-lived relationship.

We got together on a Thursday, but I spent all day in the office in preparation for the weekend. On Saturday evening (2/3), I was in High Point, North Carolina and was able to host members of the West Carolina District Presbytery for a meal. In that meeting, we caught up and discussed the aspects of our Sunday morning

Sunday morning (2/4), me and Ricky Hambrick (my ministry traveling partner), settled in with New Beginnings Worship Center in Archdale, NC. Pastor John DeVine, his wife Christie, and this congregation are now officially a member congregation of the West Carolina District of the CHC, Inc. I officiated this induction service and preached a devotional.

Sunday evening (2/4) found us traveling South to Abbeville, SC. In this lovely area, we worshipped with the Abbeville CH Church and Pastor Willie (Oliver) McCurry. This was a fun visit, and it was great to get better acquainted with this generous and hospitable congregation. They were a joy to preach to as they attentively soaked up the word. It was a late night getting home, so I worked all day Monday from home and tried to recharge my batteries some.

I completed office hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday (2/8) found us back in the van. Lisa and I (and Caleb) were blessed to travel down to Sopchoppy, FL. We attended the Thursday night service of their Winter Homecoming meeting, with Pastor Lance Crews preaching up a storm. We drove back home that night, and it was about 2:30 am by the time we pulled in. We slept in a bit, and I worked from home on Friday.

T0kkIl3C_400x400On Saturday (2/10), we drove over to Jacksonville, AL for Sunday’s ministry opportunity. But while in town, Caleb and I attended a JSU men’s basketball game. Sunday morning found us with Plainview CH Church and Pastor Gregg Thurman. I was blessed to promote Mission USA and preach the morning message to this open group of believers. We met Pastor Matt and Anna Turner for lunch in Piedmont and afterward, we drove home.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were office days. But Thursday (2/15), I relaxed some physically by working from home. Friday was filled with office hours in preparation for Sunday.

Friday night and Saturday morning (2/16 & 2/17), I was in attendance at our General Men’s Ministries Empowerment Conference. It was held at the North Griffin CH Church and Pastor Ronald Cook, and his board did a fantastic job with this event.

It was our pleasure to spend Sunday (2/18) in Cochran, GA. Sunday morning began with the Strong Tower Church. This congregation, led by Pastor Chris and Crystal Bambrough, are always fun to be with for a stress-free worship experience. Sunday evening found us back with our friends at Empire PH Church. Pastor Brian Williams has a great heart and is always a kind host. What a privilege it was to preach both of these services.

We started off Monday (2/19) by catching up with Reverends Justin and Rebekah Inman over brunch. Then we headed back to Griffin. That night we attended our office Bible study meeting at the headquarters building.10443441_10207060569181561_8145256567854664292_n

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were filled with office hours. And oh the blessedness of taking off that Friday and Saturday. We spent Friday on the road going to Cedar Bluff, AL and back. We visited with my mother-in-law and dropped off Caleb to go home with his sister, Brittany for the weekend.

On Sunday (2/25), I drove to Glen Saint Mary, FL for the Sunday night service of their Winter Homecoming meeting. Pastor Wayne Hicks was the splendid guest preacher for this event. Longtime friend, Pastor Hayward Clark went along with me for this trip. We made our way back North in the rain on Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with office hours and many errands. And on Wednesday evening we were able to attend the 4:30 Bible study at Living Waters CH Church.

Along with much pastoral care done by phone, email, and other messaging, I have also spent several hours maintaining this site.


Too much activity in too little days is the main reason that we are breaking up. We have irreconcilable differences. Well, there’s that and the fact this month always brings me another birthday.

That’s it, February. We’re history.

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