7 Personal Observations About Aging

I’m about to have another birthday. Was I really born on this day?


For the life of me, I cannot remember. I’m working on her-say (it’s kind of like hearsay). Mother said that was when it happened and I guess she ought to know. But she’s not here so it can’t be hearsay. I’m dependent on her memory. I call it her-say.

There are some things I do not like about growing older. It’s not all fun.

  • Recently, my hairline appears to be in retreat. As a middle-aged male, I’m glad that the majority of my hair has not decided to turn loose. However, too many have determined to lose color.
  • If the top of my head did not betray my birthdays, then my facial hair certainly did. Though I am naturally blonde, my facial hair has always been black. Well, it was until about five years ago. I recently noticed it became predominantly white.

What was my solution? I am now sporting a clean-shaven face. One of my peers commented that it looks like I shaved ten years off my face. Wait a minute. Was that a compliment?

There are some things I like about growing older. I’ve already figured out a few things.

  • I understand that life is made up of a whole lot of getting up and going to work. I have no pipe dreams left about becoming independently wealthy.
  • I’m no longer trying to decide what I want to do with my life. With the less than half of my life that I might have left, I know what I want to do. I know who I want to do it with. I know Who I want to please.
  • I know who I am, regarding personality and temperament. I’m okay with who I am and Whose I am.

What if I could go back twenty-five years and have a talk with me? There are at least two things about which I would convince me.

  • I’d convince me, “get all the education you can.” I should have been reading more and listening more. Instead, was too busy asking some of the wrong questions. Education is a life-long process and you can always learn something more.
  • I’d convince me, “compound interest is your friend. Invest more than you think is possible in your retirement plan. Save before you make non-essential purchases.” Fiscally speaking, I was ignorant, and my lack of knowledge was destructive.

Don’t misunderstand this preacher. I am grateful for where I am and how old I am. God has blessed me with an excellent life in spite of my not so great start in life. God’s hand of favor is upon me, and that’s something I can’t figure out. I can only describe it as GRACE!

That grace-filled note marks the end of my annual birthday post. Thankfully, it’s not quite the end of my days.

How do you commemorate your birthdays?

edited grace filled unsplash


7 thoughts on “7 Personal Observations About Aging

  1. Your still very young compared to me, so it’s simply hard to feel sorry for your slight signs of aging. You have good health, wisdom beyond your years, and education, intelligence, and gifts, that I envy. So all I can say about your getting older is get over it! And Happy Birthday 😍🎈🎂🥳

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