Administrator’s Log – November 2017

If there is something that you wanted to get accomplished in November, you’d better hurry up and get it done. Seriously, can you believe that we have already pushed through eleven whole months in 2017? Rather than let the first week of December jump on me first, I think it’s best to go ahead and chronicle my ministry activity highlights for November.

#SOYL2017 shirt proofThe first day of the month was a Wednesday, and by that day we were in hot pursuit of our final preparations for the 2017 School of Youth Leadership event. That night, we picked up our neighbor and World Missions Director, Rev. Scotty Poole from the airport.

With a heart set on making a difference for the youth that God gave us to minister to, we went head first into the first weekend of the month. Friday through Sunday (11/3-11/5) kept Lisa and me busy. With our School of Youth Leadership, she planned, prepared and served meals for about thirty-five individuals for six meals. As well as being the host and facilitator for this event, I spoke in four of our eight class sessions. Our Sunday finale was with an early holy communion service, with Rev. Rebekah Inman speaking. For Sunday School and morning worship service, we took our group to North Griffin CHC.

Page 9, The funny faces of #SOYL2017One of the highlights of the following work week was Thursday (11/9) as North Alabama District CHC ministry peers Rev. Gary Watts and Rev. Mark Willingham was in town. We enjoyed a great time of fellowship over a long lunch.

The weekend held another joyous time of ministry as we hosted our CHC District Christian Education Directors. Friday and Saturday (11/10-11/11) were filled with sweet interaction as we pulled ideas from one another and discussed best practices. Our roundtable discussions commenced on Friday as I opened up with prayer and a time of devotion. Likewise, Saturday morning began with a communion devotional and remembering the sacrifice of our Lord. We ended up our time together on Saturday afternoon with a lunch outing before they each one headed back to their respective districts.

Sunday morning (11/12) found us in attendance at West Sunny Side CHC with Pastor Jonathan Fitzpatrick. It was my pleasure to present this congregation with an Excellence Award for their continued support of Mission USA. We enjoyed a sweet worship service and content packed sermon.

15380391_10154991155937122_5749193514618977395_nThough it might not seem pertinent here, I will confess that on Friday night (11/17) Lisa and I had our first date night in what felt like months. I sure hope that other ministers are practicing that more often than I recently have.

On the following Saturday night (11/18), I traveled to the residence of Rev. Tim Lamb in Milledgeville, Georgia in anticipation of a joint ministry trip. Bishop Lamb serves the IPHC as the conference superintendent for Georgia. We headed out early Sunday morning (11/19) toward Dunn, North Carolina for lodging. That Sunday night, it was my honor to be in worship service with the Dillon CH Church, in South Carolina, and Pastor John Bryant. I thoroughly enjoyed the privilege to provide the evening sermon and present them with an excellence award.

While still on the road in that region, I met with Rev. Randy Carter at the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Resource Center for a fraternal visit on Monday morning (11/20). This was my first opportunity to formally meet his newest staff members, Rev. Marty Tew and Rev. Chris Searles. These men are doing a great work for the Kingdom of God and the PFWB. Our fellowship continued through lunch, and then they were kind enough to lend me some office space to accomplish some editorial work.

Later in that Monday afternoon (11/20), I was privileged to make a brief pastoral care call to a precious ministry friend, Rev. (Dr.) Dan Woods. We exchanged cares and prayers in that brief visit. Afterwards, I returned to the hotel for more editorial work on The Gospel Messenger. Social Media Cover Pic

For Monday night, I was blessed to accompany Rev. Tim Lamb and represent the CHC at the IPHC Royal Home Celebration in Falcon, North Carolina. What a wonderful and life-changing ministry they have going there as was displayed throughout the evening program.

Tuesday morning (11/21), I concluded my fraternal tour with attendance at Heritage Bible College for their Thanksgiving Chapel Service. Rev. Randy Barker and Rev. Elvin Butts were kind and gracious in their extended hospitality. After a lunch meal with several of these gentlemen (including Rev. Herbert Carter), Bishop Lamb began our trek back to Georgia.

With our Headquarters Offices closed for the remainder of the Thanksgiving week, I worked from home each morning with afternoons off. We were blessed to have Jeremy and Brittany at the house from Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon.


Flags of the WorldOn Sunday morning (11/26) we attended worship service at Living Waters CH Church. Pastor Don Sansbury was sick, and we heard from the guest minister, Pastor Doug Cone.

On these final few days of the month, we are preparing for a large mail out for Bible Literacy. We will assemble and mail approximately 900 packets to help our local churches promote Bible literacy.

In addition to the above, more hours than I can keep up with were spent in preparing The Gospel Messenger (winter edition) for publishing. I hope you are an individual subscriber to our organization’s official magazine. As well, I have published seven posts here at the ministry blog. lets-maintain-and-share-your-update-5060x3373_23323

These are just the highlights and do not include all of the activities associated with our office hours, the after office hours communications, and many other meetings with pastors and ministry leaders.

It is a privilege to stay busy for the Lord. I’m so glad that I get to serve Him by serving others. Thank you for your continued prayers which help make our addiction to ministry possible.


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